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DKB Live Tour 'Best Jokes 2'

June 05, 2014
DKB live tour at University of Ghana.We appreciate your feedback especially when YOU Like, 


June 05, 2014
One of the best comedians now!

Ghana tag (jokes)

June 05, 2014
Ghana tag by @KingEddie10 nd @thugeasy directed by our nigerian brotha @King_Ayo...all a bit of fun Wodease3!!!

Guy's Date Goes Wrong - Video

January 22, 2014
Guy's Date Goes Wrong - Video

Son In Law

January 14, 2014
Father-In-Law : Young man, U’re coming to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage and u’re chewing gum.That’s a sign of disrespect! .Man : Sir, I

Ali Baba and the forty thieves

January 07, 2014
 Three guys were gisting at a beer parlour. The first guy said when my wife was pregnant she was reading a book; a tale of

Watch Your Toothbrush

January 07, 2014
 Dad asked his son: whenever I beat you how do you stop your anger? Son replies: I start cleaning the toilet Dad asked: How does that

Caught In The Act

January 07, 2014
 To surprise her husband an executive’s wife decided to stop by his office. On entering the office, she saw the secretary on her husband’s laps. In

If Adam and Eve were Chinese

January 07, 2014
If Adam and Eve were Chinese, we would still be in paradise because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the SNAKE. 

Difference between stress, tension and panic

January 07, 2014
What's the difference between stress, tension and panic? Stress is when wife is pregnant. Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant. Panic is when both are

Confident Akpos

December 13, 2013
Akpos, the house help, entered Madam’s room without knocking. MADAM: Akpos, this is wrong, what if I was naked or dressing up? Akpos: That can never

Facebook and Twitter

December 12, 2013
  Joba: Akpos, why are you always on Facebook? Akpos: I like Facebook & I’m always there for one thing. It’s the only place where you

Guilty or Not

December 12, 2013
Akpos was arrested by the police and taken to court. Magistrate: Akpos, you were arrested on the expressway for abruptly stopping your car in the middle

An Impossibility

December 12, 2013
  A 90 year old man marries an 18yr old woman and goes to a doctor: MAN: My 18-year-old wife is pregnant, your opinion doctor? Dr

Miraculous Recovery

December 12, 2013
  Akpos was lying unconscious in an hospital bed. After a week he finally regained consciousness. The doctor was immediately summoned. Doctor: Your recovery was a


December 12, 2013
Akpos and his son Akpos Jnr were listening to a radio broadcast. After some time, Akpos Jnr looked at his dad and said: Papa; these people


December 12, 2013
At a dinner table, little Akpos was sitting and eating with his parents then he said to his mum: “Mum, do you know that Angela our

Blackberry Z10

December 12, 2013
Akpos picked up a blackberry Z10 in a taxi. He checked through the contacts and found “MY number 2″. He called it and luckily the owner


December 12, 2013
AKPOS: I want to buy dog food. Seller: Do you have a dog?. AKPOS: Yes Seller: Where is it?. AKPOS: At home. Seller: Sorry, i

Materialistic Akpos

December 12, 2013
Akpos had a serious accident with his brand new car. A police officer nearby ran to the scene to help them out.   Akpors ran out of

You Saved me

December 12, 2013
  Akpos, who had been struggling to cope financially, found a bag of money on the ground, and called into an FM radio station Akpos :

Why I Did not Study

December 12, 2013
The following conversation ensued between Akpos and his teacher: Teacher: Why didn’t you study? Akpos: A year has 365 days for you to study. After taking away

Customer is Always Right

December 12, 2013
The following conversation ensued between Akpos and his boss: Boss : Akpos, I saw you arguing with the customer that just left. I have told you before

Wife Control

December 12, 2013
A pastor announced,”If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left”. All the men in the church moved to Left except Akpos. The pastor was

Made in Aba

December 12, 2013
Akpos is sitting at a bar, and thinking about his life, when all of a sudden, Ironman, the town’s most notorious thug smacks Akpos in

Blessed are They

December 12, 2013
A Reverend father was praying over the offering in church. Akpos opened his eyes and saw the father taking five thousand naira out of the bowl. The
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