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White Woman Who ‘Identifies’ As Black And Has Changed Her Skin Colour Wants To Travel To Africa To ‘Learn The Culture’ (Video)

October 06, 2017
They say wonders shall never end and indeed they shan’t. It started with men becoming women and vice versa, and now some white woman is claiming

Men Of Today Love To Marry ‘Born Ones’ – Says Sherifa Gunu

July 10, 2017
Sherifa Gunu has hypothesised that men of today love to marry women who already have a child, those we describe in local parlance as being

Meet the Stunning 42 year old Woman Who is Mistaken for a Teen

June 24, 2017
A woman has become an internet phenomenon thanks to her youthful looks Lure Hsu will soon celebrate her 42nd birthday has shared the major secrets of

Parents Find Images Of Ghostly Child Near Their Sleeping Baby

June 24, 2017
A mother has revealed disturbing images from her baby monitor of what looks like another baby joining her 18-month-old son in his cot. Laura Haigh and

Man Forced to Wed Live-in lover Who Died During Child Birth

June 21, 2017
A man in Mozambique’s southern province of Inhambane had to pay the traditional bride price, locally known as “lobolo”, for a dead woman at the

Meet the 74-Year-Old Bodybuilder Breaking Age Expectations

June 21, 2017
Janice Lorraine isn’t your average 74-year-old. For almost 20 years, the former psychologist has been competing in bodybuilding competitions around the world, while putting a dent

Meet The 80-Yr-Old Man With 12 Wives, Over 100 Children (Video)

June 21, 2017
A farmer at a small community in Eastern Ghana is likely to make it to the Guinness World Book of Records as arguably, the youngest

WATCH: Zoo keeper puts his head in Crocodile mouth and this happens

June 17, 2017
The moment a crocodile bit a zookeeper’s head before viciously thrashing him from side to side while he screamed in agony was caught on camera.  The

I Have Slept With Over 1,000 Men – Benue Man Who Worked As A Female Prostitute Confesses

June 16, 2017
The Police in Benue have arrested a man who posed as a woman named Jenifer Kpaakpa and worked as a prostitute in Makurdi, the state’s

Unbelievable! Meet the Married Woman Who Gets Paid to Clean Men's Houses Completely N*ked (Photos)

February 06, 2017
A woman has stunned many people after coming up with a rather bizarre idea for making extra money while cleaning people's houses. This is Emily Nikols,

Texas Kid Found An Unexpected Present In His Toilet Bowl – A Rattlesnake

February 04, 2017
A young man in Texas recently found a most unwelcome gift in his house’s toilet, one he was actually quite lucky to see before sitting

SHOCKING VIDEO: Horny Cat Recorded Having S*x With A Chicken–And It Won’t Let the Chicken Go

February 02, 2017
The world is surely about to end–as the signs of endtime are all over us. Who would have ever imagined that a cat would get so

29 Year Old African Woman Marries A Wealthy 92 Year Old White Businessman–And Social Media Folks Go in On Her

January 28, 2017
She has been called a gold digger and all manner of names by social media folks–for marrying a rich man who is over 3 times

Unbelievable! See the Fast Food Worker Who Put Menstrual Blood & Saliva on Customer's Burger (Photo)

January 26, 2017
A woman accused of serving a cheeseburger smeared with her bodily fluids to a customer at a fast food restaurant has turned herself in to

Shocking! See the New Fitness Trend Where Male and Female Participants Exercise Completely N*ked (Photos)

January 25, 2017
A new fitness trend is becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts where all participants come together to exercise completely n*ked.  A report on The Sun UK

Meet Roberto, the Man With Longest Manhood in the World as Doctor's Give Insight into His Massive P*nis (Video)

January 21, 2017
Experts have provided an insight into the massive p*nis of a Mexican man claiming to have the biggest manhood in the world.  Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from

Is China Producing Corned Beef with Dead Human Bodies and Selling it to Africa? (Graphic Video)

January 21, 2017
A purported story circulating online has warned people to be wary of a Chinese Company allegedly using human bodies to produce corned beef.  A video circulating

Married Couple Agree to Bonk Others

January 19, 2017
A former banker who has been swinging with her husband for four years says their unusual s-x life has made her feel more empowered than

Mother And Daughter Burnt Alive For Witchcraft In Kenya

January 16, 2017
Residents of a village in Kisii County in Kenya burnt two women for alleged witchcraft. GistMaster reports full report:   // Residents of a village in Kisii

LAWD HAVE MERCY!! Man Desperately Praying Day And Night For His Mother’s Death

January 16, 2017
A 39-year-old man from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe is reportedly praying day and night requesting to God to take away his mother and siblings so he

SHOCKING:‘Dead’ Man Opens His Eyes and ‘Comes Back to Life’ as His Coffin is About to Be Buried

January 14, 2017
A “dead” elderly man has shocked his family when he sat up in his coffin during the funeral and asked them what was going on. The

US Man Pays $3,000 Tax With Five Wheelbarrows Of Coins

January 13, 2017
A US man infuriated with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), showed up to pay a tax bill of $3,000 entirely in coins!   // Nick

VIDEO: Rare Case of Inter-species Mating: Monkey is Caught Trying to Have S*x with Deer

January 12, 2017
A male Japanese macaque monkey has been observed attempting to mate with two female sika deer in a rare case of inter-species mating behaviour.  Scientists have

Check out PHOTOS FROM London’s ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’ Celebration

January 09, 2017
Several commuters in London left their pants home yesterday to ride London’s Tube half-n*ked in celebration of the worldwide No Trousers on the Tube Day. The

Meet the First British MAN to Become PREGNANT–And He Got His Sperm From Facebook

January 09, 2017
A former Asda worker Hayden Cross, 20 has made news as the first British man to become pregnant–after he decided “to pause his gender reassignment

Counsellor Lutterodt Defends Comments That Children Born Out Of Wedlock Are A ‘Demonic Attack’ On A Family

January 07, 2017
Counsellor George Lutterodt is once again mired in the grips of controversy over his strident defence of some comments he passed last year.   // Lutterodt
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