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Mysterious cliff in China lays “Stone Eggs” Every 30 Years

September 18, 2017
If you’ve never heard of an egg-laying mountain, you probably don’t know about Chan Da Ya, a mysterious cliff in China that reportedly lays perfectly

Mexican Mayor ‘Marries’ Crocodile In Traditional Ceremony

July 05, 2017
The mayor of a Mexican town married a crocodile as part of a centuries-old tradition to bring an abundant harvest to the fishing town. Mayor Victor

Tragedy As ‘Jesus’ Falls Off A Cross On Easter

April 01, 2016
Tragedy struck for real during a reenactment of Jesus’s death when the main actor plunged from the top of the cross to the ground. A video

Hikers flee the woods after encountering 'Devil tree' burning from the inside with no smoke - Video

January 01, 2016
Bizarre footage has emerged showing a tree burning from the inside with no smoke. The unnerving video has prompted some viewers to speculate that the phenomenon

Unbelievable!! Handsome Chinese Man Marries S3x Doll, The Reason Will Shock You!

November 08, 2015
An allegedly sick Chinese young man acquired a highly expensive sex doll which he got married to after an official wedding ceremony to the amazement

Unbelievable!! Meet The 6 Year Old Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest

October 31, 2015
Six-year-old Virsaviya Borun  was born with her heart and intestines outside her chest.Virsaviya, a native of Russia who recently moved to South Florida with her

VIDEO: Family Discover Aggressive 1meter Python In Their Bathroom

October 31, 2015
A family was shocked when they found the most frightening thing in their bathroom...a large 1m python.  The family of three got the shock of their

OMG! Meet Baby Saved Using Part of a Cow's Heart

October 31, 2015
A little boy has been saved from a debilitating sickness after doctors used an unlikely means to cure him.  A newborn baby who was born with

Huge Surge In Women Undergoing V@gina Surgery In a Bid To Look Good In Bikinis

October 30, 2015
SCORES of women are undergoing vagina surgery in a bid to look good in bikinis and yoga pants. The US has seen an astonishing 49 per

Hilarious Video: Policewoman Came To Break-up A Fight And Ended Up Winning A Dance-Off

October 30, 2015
A Washington D.C. police officer arrived on the scene of a fight to break it up, but ended up in a dance-off instead. The female

OMG!! You Need To See The Hottest Girls Caught Doing The Dumbest Things

October 29, 2015
What got into these girls? Was it alcohol? Were they dared to perform an outrageous act? Who knows what the reason was...but the result is

Shocking Moment When Saudi Actor Is Arrested For Taking Selfies With Women In Mall

October 28, 2015
After reading this i could only shake my head in wonder...  An actor mobbed by women desperate to take a selfies with him when he dropped

SHOCKER: Identical Strangers Stunned When They Meet Each Other

October 26, 2015
Two ladies were shocked when they bumped into each other ..Ciara Murphy and Cordelia Roberts were both studying in Germany and sheer coincidence, the two

SHOCKER: Man Stabbed 5 Women In The Butt Because They Look Like His Ex-girlfriend - Photo

October 24, 2015
Chinese police have arrested a man on suspicion of stabbing five random woman as he tried to find his ex-girlfriend who allegedly took money from

Seriously! Is This Playground For Kids?

October 21, 2015
#1 This Happy. . . Guy? Any guy would be happy with one of these, we think?  #2 Pig Boobs Wait does he or she need a bra?     #3

South African Pastor Preaches From Inside Coffin

October 21, 2015
A pastor in South Africa has abandoned the pulpit for a coffin, literally. According to church member and former drug dealer, 28 year old Aphiwe Nqevu

PHOTOS: Strange Mammal Found Dead At Sakumono Beach

October 08, 2015
A strange mammal has washed up on shore the Sakumono Beach in Tema. Locals say the mammal believed to be a dead whale, was spotted some

Nigerian Man Masturbates And Ejaculates Over Female Passenger On A London Train

October 06, 2015
Peter Fabiyi,32, was on Wednesday, September 30, sentenced to 3 years and nine months in prison by Blackfriars Crown Court after he masturbated and ejaculated

SHOCKER: Meet The Woman Who Intentionally Blind Herself Because She Loves Being Disable

October 02, 2015
Jewel has Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), a condition in which able-bodied people believe they are meant to be disabled. Her need to lose her sight was

PHOTOS: Humans To Be Having S3x With Robots By Next Decade

October 01, 2015
ROBOTS already build our cars, clean our houses and make our food – but soon they will be jumping into BED with many of us. It

Help!! My Husband Can't Sleep Unless He Sucks V@gina

October 01, 2015
Story as shared by an Anonymous lady whose hubby has a strong addiction to ladies' privates on Facebook yesterday.. It reads:  "Something has been weighing heavily on

Help!! My Girlfriend Urinates A Lot During S3x, Is It Normal?

September 28, 2015
Any doctor in the house... This has got me so worried because during sex intercourse she normally urinates on several occasion. Pls i'd like to know whether

OMG!! Meet Woman Who Holds World Record For Having S3x With 919 Men In One Day - Photos + Video

September 11, 2015
In 2004 this nice young lady set a new world record for having sex with the most men in one day at an event called

PHOTOS: This Man Pulls Aircraft With His Ears To Earn His 8th Guinness World Record

September 10, 2015
Some might say Johnny Strange is living up to his last name, because he’s just entered the record books for pulling a huge AEROPLANE with

Hilarious!! Self Acclaimed Living God In Africa "Jehovah Wanyonyi" Killed By Mosquitos - Photos

September 09, 2015
Self-proclaimed living god Jehovah Wanyonyi is dead, a local leader has confirmed, amid his followers' prayers for his 'resurrection'. Wanyonyi, 98, died from malaria on July

Video + Photos: Shocking As Teenager Gives Birth To Bathroom Slippers

September 08, 2015
A woman in Azare, Bauchi State has reportedly given birth to slippers – yes, slippers. Bathroom Slippers. According to an exclusive NTA report, 25-year-old Amina Usman
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