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Politics: Chaos erupts in Zimbabwe's capital amid growing political unrest but army says its not a 'takeover'

November 14, 2017
The Zimbabwean capital Harare erupted in chaos early Wednesday morning local time, with reports of explosions in the city. Soldiers have also taken control of the

Military Coup: Robert Mugabe UNDER SIEGE

November 14, 2017
FOUR tanks have been spotted heading towards the Zimbabwean capital Harare after a military chief warned the armed forces are ready to “step in” to

Man Gets 30 Months Jail Terms After Refusing To Give Way To President Mugabe’s Convoy

November 25, 2016
Trinity Gonongono, a 33 year old man  has himself at the wrong side of the law by daring to make way for president Mugabe’s convoy. All

I Died And Was Resurrected – Mugabe Jokes

September 03, 2016
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has poured scorn over the latest rumours of his health, joking that he had died and was resurrected. Mr Mugabe, 92, was

Zimbabwe Wants Foreign Owned Companies To Sell Majority Of Their Shares To Africans By April 1st Or Leave

March 24, 2016
Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe has announced that foreign owned companies have to sell entirely, or at least let blacks gain a majority stake in the company,

I’ll Make Sure Mugabe Loses 2018 Election

March 17, 2016
Former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda yesterday vowed he will make sure President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF lose the 2018 election. This came as war

Foreign Companies Are Stealing Diamonds

March 04, 2016
Robert Mugabe has accused foreign mining companies in Zimbabwe of stealing from the country His reason is that the country is not making the expected wealth

VIDEO: Nduom Takes Namoale To The Cleaners Over Mugabe Terrorist Claim

January 29, 2016
Ghana government’s acceptance of Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees has sparked a lot of controversies and generated diverse views and confrontations from both security and political experts.  In

Mugabe Back Home After Heart Attack Rumours

January 23, 2016
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe returned home late on Friday after a month-long holiday in the Far East, just over a week after the presidency dismissed

Ghanaians Break My Heart - President Robert Mugabe Fires Again

January 11, 2016
President Robert Mugabe on John Dramani Mahama ALQAEDA TERRORIST IN GHANA GHANAIANS BREAK MY HEART. I am not only broken hearted or ashamed but am scared for

Meet The World 'Most Educated' President, See Number of Degrees

December 14, 2015
The most educated president in the world is surprisingly from African with several degrees on his brilliant resume coupled with long years of service.  Education has

“They Are Still as Poor as In The 60s” - Mugabe Laughs At Ghana

December 08, 2015
Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe has mocked Ghana’s development during a speech in which he was responding to his Vice President who had suggested Ghana is

Meet The Top 10 Richest Presidents In Africa and Their Net Worth, Number One Will Shock You

December 05, 2015
When it comes to the wealth of the political class in Africa, their riches are often considered ill-gotten. That said, here is a brief overview of

"Mahama Is A Disgrace To Ghana And Africa" - Robert Mugabe

November 18, 2015
The AU chairman made these comments in relation to the hasty decision Ghana’s President took in sympathizing with the French over the recent rebel attacks

Stealing Is In Every Kenyan's Blood - Zimbabwean President Lashes Out

November 05, 2015
Controversial President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has unleashed terror on Kenyans in a media event that had a wide coverage.  President Robert Mugabe, 91, threw caution

“Even Satan Wasn’t Gay, He Chose To Approach N3ked Eve Instead Of N3ked Adam.” – Mugabe On Homosexuality

September 12, 2015
“Even satan wasn’t Gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam.” – President, Mugabe on homo sexuality. Following the legalization of gay marriage

President Mugabe - I Shall Ask Obama To Marry Me Since He Supports Gay-Marriage

June 30, 2015
Following the legalization of same sex marriage all over America, Zimbabwe’s 90-year-old president Robert Mugabe,has said he would ask President Barack Obama’s hand in marriage

President Mugabe - This Is Not The First Time I've Fallen Down

February 26, 2015
Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has, for the first time, commented on his airport stumble, images of which spread like wildfire online as internet users light-heartedly

Robert Mugabe, 90, falls down podium steps

February 04, 2015
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has been pictured falling down a set of steps after addressing his adoring supporters at an airport. The 90-year-old President - who has
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