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Producer Demanding S3x Before Producing Female Gospel Musician Exposed

Producer Demanding S3x Before Producing Female Gospel Musician Exposed Anita Afriyie

Promising Ghanaian female gospel musician - Anita Afriyie, disclosed to Razz Newspaper last week that, some male gospel music producers sleep or demand sex with/from female gospel musicians before producing them.

In her words, Anita alleged: “It’s something that has been going on for years but people get scared voicing it out fearing they will get enemies from society and the industry, but since it’s a question you are asking me, I have no other option than to tell you the truth.”

She confirmed she knows some musicians who have given in for some producers to sleep with them and have gotten what they want. “I can mention their names but it’s not too necessary. One of the main reasons why I’m telling you the truth is that, it is not a good thing – they must put a stop to,” she intimated.

However, when she was interviewed on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment’ last Friday (19th Sept, 2014), host of the programme, Christian Agyei Frimpong, proved to all and sundry why he is amongst the best radio interviewers in the capital.

After many attempts by Christian for Anita to mention the name of the producer who once demanded sex from her, Christian asked her, which of your albums did you face this sexual-advance challenge from?

Anita who had earlier stated that the man who produced her third album was Kumasi based producer by name Asteve, answered; “It was my third album. The album could not come out because the producer demanded for sex which I declined because it’s against my Christian teachings.”

Speaking on NEAT FM’s ‘Entertainment Ghana’ today, 23rd Sept, 2014, Anita who had revealed that it’s Asteve who demanded sex from her, took a U-turn to say she never said so. When Christian Agyei Frimpong was called, he confirmed Anita alleged so on his platform. When Kwasi Aboagye ‘drilled’ her properly, Anita finally admitted to the shock of all listeners that “it’s Asteve.”

For Asteve’s (real name Steven Asiedu) side of the story, Ghanacelebrities.com contacted him and to our utter dismay, he said all that Anita revealed to the public is false! According to Asteve, “I usually don’t go looking for artists to produce – they usually come to me. I met Anita through recommendation from George Forest, Demako, and one producer by name Agya Koo.

“Between the times I started recording Anita and promotion, Anita, who claims she is an angelic being, had started flirting with my younger blood brother – an act I frowned upon and asked them to put an end to!

“I only introduced my younger brother to her as someone who will mange her. As soon as she saw my brother, she accepted to let him manage her. There were times Anita who is suppose to be a gospel musician would tell me and his family that she’s going to pray and fast on the mountains.

“I will go to my brother’s room and meet Anita, wearing nightie on the bed! I met her in such act many times! She was flirting with my blood brother so I thought her actions were not auspicious for me to invest in her as a gospel artist. I stopped investing in her album!

“Go and ask her how she got married to my brother. As a gospel musician she got pregnant for my brother – so to cover her stinking deeds up, she forced my brother who had nothing then to marry her. That is how come they married! Again, go and ask her, whether myself, and my siblings attended her marriage to my brother! None of us were there!”

Ending, Asteve said “the simple question I want all to ask is, if I had sex with her, then why is she married to my blood brother? Because if I had sex with her, and she is now married to my own blood brother, then she is a cheap lady!

“Am I wrong? How can you sleep with two brothers at the same time, and after, marriage one? She only wants hype! Unfortunately, the hype has turned into a dagger, on which she has fallen on. There is more I can expose about this lady.”

Anita’s husband is however denying that her wife mentioned Asteve's name in the whole saga. Ghanacelebrities is still following up on this story for any update. Until then… MOTWUM!!

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