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Monalisa Chinda Breaks Up With Her Beau

Monalisa Chinda Breaks Up With Her Beau Monalisa Chinda Breaks Up With Her Beau

After dating for almost two years now, the pair have called it quits to go their separate ways.

Monalisa is reported to have walked out the relationship with businessman Lanre Nzeribe about one month ago but kept it quiet.

Why they broke up is ultimately up to the two of them but early reports indicate that they had a disagreement over a business venture they were to start together. Monalisa and Lanre were working on a Magazine called Monalisa before the breakup. They had reportedly secured an office location for the venture and employed staff who had already worked on the first edition of the Magazine before the sudden parting of ways.

For Monalisa, it may be another setback in her life after suffering in an abusive marriage and had to eventually walk out. Further to that, Lanre was previously in a relationship with veteran actress Liz Benson dating back all the way to 2004 and later alleged to have had another relationship with Stella Damasus which he fervently denied and sued the reporter who broke the story.

So some of her friends were against it in the first place considering the history of events but alas what’s bound to happen happens anyway.

Is getting a broken heart really avoidable? Is it that ladies don’t take time to make the right choice? Or some men will simply break your heart either way?

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