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Lesbians Turn Osu Student Hostel Into A Boxing Arena

Lesbians Turn Osu Student Hostel Into A Boxing Arena File Photo

The premises of a popular student’s hostel (name withheld) at Osu in Accra, was on Saturday, turned into a boxing arena as two lesbians engaged in a fierce brawl.

The incident which occurred in the full glare of many students, including the proprietor of the hostel after they had returned from an outreach programme on a beach, happened few minutes after their return.

Students were attracted by loud noise within the premises and ran in its direction. The reason was that the supposed lesbians stormed the room of another lady who was then with her boyfriend and accused her of having milked her dry.

The self-confessed lesbian, Abigail, who was infuriated, alleged that her lesbian partner had suddenly refused to respond to her calls and SMS messages, though they had been in a lesbian affair for some time now.


What resulted in the fierce brawl was that Abigail who claimed she was visiting her lesbian partner, was surprised to meet her rival, the boyfriend of her counterpart.

This infuriated her so much that she pounced on her lesbian partner and they exchanged blows until onlookers, including the proprietor of the hostel, intervened to cool down tempers for amicable resolution of the issues.

The alleged lesbian, Abigail, then threatened to deal ruthlessly with her lesbian partner until she refunded all monies she had given her.

She said she was infuriated the more because her lesbian counterpart had resorted to spreading information of their lesbian activities to others.

Abigail’s alleged counterpart however dismissed the assertions of her being a lesbian too, and in the presence of her boyfriend, stated that it was rather Abigail who had been pestering her with messages, wooing her to engage in the illicit act with her, but which she had constantly ignored.

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