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Anas Should Investigate Journalists – Ghallywood Veteran

Anas Should Investigate Journalists – Ghallywood Veteran Pascaline Edwards

Actress Pascaline Edwards has called on trending Ghanaian international investigative Journalist Anas Aremiyaw Anas to shift his attention to journalists and bloggers in Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with Kwame Adjetia on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana”, the “Ripples” actress said some of the journalists misquote and twist false stories to make them seem true for their own selfish gains.

“In every society there are always some bad nuts. Most of the journalists are good but the new ones that are coming up who want quick fame are the ones giving journalist a bad name. So Anas should also concentrate on the media and investigate journalists”.

Pascaline was commenting on trending issues about Sarkodie and actor John Dumelo who have both denied recent reports about them in the media.


She disclosed on the show that she has also been a victim of false reportage in the media. According to her the recent false story about her was reports that she won’t film in a cemetery again because she is scared.

According to the story she posted a photo of herself, Yvonne and Eddie Nartey at the cemetery on her Instagram and commented that she was not returning to the cemetery again.

“That cemetery …I don’t want to go there again oo”, but she said she never made any comment like that on Instagram.

“They can make the headlines very scary and for me most of my relatives live outside Ghana. My mother lives outside the country and she is aging. She can see some of these headlines and get a heart attack”.

Pascaline has been in the movie industry for almost two decades now and she remains one of Ghana’s adoring actresses. She is well remembered for her roles in classic Ghanaian movies including; A Stab in the Dark, Forbidden Fruit, Ripples, The Mask, House Arrest, My Father’s Wife, Messages, Deadline for Asante, Without Her Consent, and Jewels.



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