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40 Worst Things To Say To A Woman Before Getting It On

40 Worst Things To Say To A Woman Before Getting It On 40 Worst Things to Say to a Woman before Getting It On

Have you said something right before sex that left you alone and frustrated? Something that completely turned her off? Maybe something like these…

So, you’re in the mood, and so is she. Things are steaming up, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a sexy night. Until you open your mouth, that is.

Just like there are many things she could say to ruin the mood, there are plenty of things you can say that will make her change her mind really quickly. Don’t make these mistakes, and please, don’t ruin things for yourself.


What should you never say to a woman before sex

Here are some of the worst offenders when it comes to things men may be tempted to say before getting it on, but really, really shouldn’t!


#1 Commenting on your bathroom habits.

Really, guys, we don’t need to imagine your cute butt on the toilet. We don’t want to know what you’re capable of in there.


#2 Bringing up other girls, especially ex-girlfriends.

Why, oh why, bring this up ever? Not just during sex, but ever? That’s the last thing she wants to hear. She prefers hearing about #1.


#3 Commenting on any imperfection she might have.

Thanks, guys. Really, that’s exactly what we need. We focus on looking good, we watch what we eat, we try to clean up well, and wear flattering things. We want you to think we’re beautiful, so why point out the flaws? That’s rude, mean, and won’t get you laid. And side note, if you do notice those things, and are that bothered by the flaws, don’t date us! We deserve to date guys who aren’t bothered by trivial things.


#4 Showcasing your low self-esteem.

Just like with us, confidence in a man is sexy. Don’t confuse this with cockiness. Saying things like “I’m amazing in bed” will probably be proven wrong, just because you said that. Being confident means not worrying about what you look like, but rather, focusing on her.


#5 Fishing for complements on your size.

If you’re that insecure about your penis, maybe don’t use us for validation. If we’re willing to sleep with you, it means we’re OK with whatever size it is. And if we’re not, you’ll know by how good sex is. 


#6 “This is what I’m good at, let’s see if you like it.”

Oh, so this is what other women have told you you’re good at before, and you want to see if I’m like those other women?


#7 Any degrading comments.

Unless she starts this, and is OK with this, and asks you to do it as part of foreplay, don’t. This is degrading, disrespectful, and makes you look like a prick.


#8 “Hold on, let me get rid of this toilet paper residue.”

Guys, you don’t always get the nicest type of toilet paper. Due to the female anatomy, you may notice a few pieces. And ladies, don’t be disgusting: every time you go to the bathroom, check yourself, and make sure you’re as clean as ever. You’re both adults.


#9 “You’re still not wet?”

No, maybe it’s because you’re terrible at foreplay, or you said something that got me out of the mood for the rest of the night.


#10 Anything negative about her vagina.

This is the equivalent to us saying your penis is small and curves drastically to the left. A woman’s vagina is her own, and is beautiful in its own way. Appreciate it, or get out.


#11 Generally speaking, women don’t want to hear where you think you’re going to finish, unless the point has been established that she’s OK with it.

People in long term relationships may or may not be able to get away with this, if the mood is right, and you know she’s OK with it. Or if you know that’s already where she wants you to finish. But you declaring where it’s going to go on her body, without really being at that point? No.


#12 “I’m not too big on giving oral.” Yeah?

Well, would you look at that! Neither am I.


#13 “You taste different.” This is self-explanatory.

Maybe she used a new soap. Maybe she used different shaving cream down there. Who knows? Keep it to yourself! Way to make her feel self-conscious! 


#14 “Hold on, I have to cut my fingernails.”

Not only will that take forever, it means you haven’t cut them in a while. Pretty disgusting. If you’re thinking of cutting your nails just now, it can clue us in on the fact that you have questionable hygiene habits.


#15 “We only have ten minutes.”

Thanks for putting the pressure on her to finish and get you off in ten minutes flat!


#16 “Your period is gone, right?”

If she’s letting you touch her that way, then there’s a high chance it is gone. And if it’s not, we’re most likely to tell you. [Read: The ultimate guide to period sex]


#17 Something about you finishing, and that being enough.

If you don’t care whether or not she finishes, and don’t go out of your way to finish her up, then you don’t deserve the royal treatment anymore. Sex is a two-way street.


#18 Elaborating on how amazing you are in bed.

Again, cockiness. Don’t be cocky. It’s a major turn-off. Girls do cocky boys, women do confident men.


#19 “I’m going to get you pregnant tonight/today.”

That’s like creating a mental picture of basting a turkey. If she wants a baby, don’t say this. If she doesn’t want a baby, don’t say this.


#20 Making a note on how drunk, sick, tired, etc. you are.

Excuses? Or just making us feel bad for wanting to get busy with you? Too many questions to consider having sex.


#21 “Hold on, I have to text someone back really quick.”

Your friends can wait. Unless it’s a dire emergency, stop texting, and focus on the naked woman lying there!


#22 Complimenting her by being negative about someone else.

A good example of this is “your hair is so much better than Emily’s,” or better yet, “your legs are far more toned compared to your sister’s.” It doesn’t matter if she’s more attractive in that scenario, any comparison is a big no-no.


#23 Bad pickup lines.

This merits repeating. Bad pickup lines. At this point, you’ve already picked her up! So why the pickup lines? 


#24 Questioning your every move, and asking if it’s OK.

A man takes the reins and knows where he wants to touch his woman. If he wants to grab her leg, he grabs her leg. If you’re not sure if it’s okay, hover over the area or glide your hand in that direction. If she doesn’t want that area touched, she’ll definitely say something.


#25 Commenting on how many women you’ve slept with.

That’s disgusting and makes you look like you’ve been around the block too many times or you’re fishing for compliments on why more women should have slept with you.


#26 Overuse of swearing.

While some women dig this, many don’t. Are you trying to make us rich by adding a ton of nickels to the swear jar?


#27 “No, do it like this… No, do this… No, try this…”

Is she not doing a good job, or are you recreating what you did with your ex-girlfriend? Maybe lessen the negatives a bit?


#28 Calling her “dude.”

No man wants to sleep with a woman they call “dude,” and no woman wants to be a dude’s “dude.” Keep the “dude” for the dudes, and let the ladies be ladies.


#29 “Can I get some pictures?”

Right now? She’s physically in front of you, why are you not busy pouncing? Ask for pictures later, like when she’s not around, and you miss her lovely figure.


#30 “How do you want it?”

What is this, an order for pizza delivery?


#31 “By the way, I’m cheating on you.”

You’ve kissed her, touched her, and gotten her warmed up, only to tell her she’s not the only one? You’re a great guy.


#32 Suggesting other people join in on sexy time.

If this is something you want to do, bring it up at another time. If this is something both of you enjoy, maybe plan ahead of time, and not right when the fun has begun.


#33 Lines directly out of porn.

You’re not a pizza man (see #30), and she’s not an Amazonian princess who’s never seen a man before. She’s not going to respond well when you ask her questions, or say things that are completely ridiculous in real life. [Read: What types of porn do women like?]


#34 “I’m not using a condom.”

You need to, unless you’re trying to get her pregnant, or she’s on birth control. Sorry to burst your bubble, but proclaiming your stance on condoms doesn’t mean you get out of wearing one.


#35 Any sort of old man grunt/noise.

That’s strange, and reminds women of their fathers. Or it sounds like you’re an old man. None of that is attractive.


#36 Admitting you have STDs.

If you do, be safe, and do the right thing. Tell her when the time is right, as in before even contemplating sex.


#37 “You’ve done this before?”

This implies she’s doing terrible, or you’re not that turned on by her. That’s depressing to hear, not to mention rude.


#38 “Can it be my turn now?” Are you not enjoying making her feel good? Are you selfish in bed?

A woman wants to be your focus, until you become her focus. Let the show be about making her feel good, and she’ll make sure you keep coming back for more.


#39 The lack of words, just that eerie, absolute silence.

This is creepy. No words can describe what she thinks of during silent sex. It’s strange, and she can’t hear your thoughts on how good it feels. Even just a normal, manly grunt of approval is welcome compared to complete and utter silence.


#40 “I’m going to rock your world.”

How about less talk, more action?

Women are less complicated than most men think when it comes to sex. Just like yourself, they want to get laid, and they want to feel good, and make you feel good.

Nothing ruins the mood like saying the absolute worst things before sex. Do whatever it takes to avoid any of these 40 statements!



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