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Lesbianism Is Not Bad

Lesbianism Is Not Bad Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim has opined that she sees nothing wrong with a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction with other females. The humanitarian of Lebanese, Liberian and Ghanaian descent in a recent chat with Ghanagist revealed that she has only kissed a lady once but has never slept with a woman in her life.

“I’m not a lesbian. You will be wondering why I’m saying this because people always think I’m a lesbian. I always get questions when I play movie roles and stuffs but I’ve only kissed a girl once and that was in a movie and that was because I had to play a tole.

I’ve never been with a lady before. “

She emphasized that “there is nothing wrong with it. You can do your thing if you like it but I haven’t been with a girl before”.

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