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Rape Case Has Affected Me Positively

Rape Case Has Affected Me Positively Kwesi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD

Ace broadcaster Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) says the controversial rape case he was involved in has positively affected his brand.

This is contrary to assertions by some Ghanaians who believe that the allegation has tainted the image of the broadcaster.

“It has affected the brand KKD, people have become kinder to me, people have become more embracing of me and I think another thing that it’s done for the brand is to redirect the energies of the brand towards those who want us to soar”.

He was speaking in an interview with Ibrahim Ben-Bako on the Red Carpet show on Multi-TV at the launch of fashion avenue for Nayak over the weekend.

The Airport Police arrested KKD on December 27, 2014 after a 19-year-old lady, accused him of raping her in a hotel washroom.


Mr. Darkwah admitted having sex with the lady but denied he forced her . He said she consented to it.

Things took a dramatic turn weeks later when the lady at the centre of the rape scandal said she was no longer interested in the case .

The Human Rights Court in Accra on January 15, 2015, granted the ace broadcaster bail on humanitarian grounds .

KKD went ahead to describe the rape saga as one of life’s challenges that come in the way of people.

“No matter how good and brilliant you are, there will be those who will be your detractors, you can’t focus on those, you must focus on the good things that you can do. The good contribution you can bring to society and get on with it.”

“I have told my children, in this life its only three things you want to please your God, you want to be well and you want to be happy and I think I am on track,” he added.



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