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You Too Can Help A Student Make First Class (DETAILS)

My name is Obinna. I am a two-time Best Graduating Student.

We plan to embark on school outreaches and teach the principles of academic excellence.We also intend to give participants FREE hard copies of The Secrets of Best Graduating Students - a joint effort of 11 Best Graduating Students and First Class Students. It is a book that is rich in academic excellence strategies. The manner of its presentation is also novel - it contains commentaries, quotes, pictures and social media smileys. That is why it connects very much with its audience from front cover to back page. 

Although this book is only 2 months old, the success stories have been awesome.

To view the e-copy sample of the book, click here, or copy and paste this dropbox link: https://goo.gl/9PQmwe.
You can make a lasting impact by supporting what we are doing. We are crowd-funding to finance the cost of the books. Click here to see for yourself. With your contribution of N1000 or more, can buy one or more students a copy of the book. Be assured that your impact would be felt and your name will be printed in the book. We also have other gifts for our sponsors.

Click here to see full details of this impact programme 

(Or copy and paste http://igg.me/at/tsobgs/x).

Watch our video on youtube: Or Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs48mZAv0Ic

Are you a student? And you are looking to get your free hard copy? 

Learn more here (http://bncmedia.org/free-copy-students-only/).

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