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Friday's Rains Not Enough To Gave Caused Floods

Friday's Rains Not Enough To Gave Caused Floods Friday's Rains Not Enough To Gave Caused Floods

A meteorologist Rev. Nyakotey Quao says Friday's devastating floods following four hours of rains should not have happened but for the activities of residents of the capital, Accra.

According to the meteorologist, the rains were not enough to cause any natural disaster.

Some taxis, saloon cars were submerged and transportation systems knocked off after nearly four hours of rains last Friday.

Although the October rains didn't claim any life, the devastation of properties caused pain and anguish. 

These painful memories of the shocking loss of more than a 150 lives sparked a public inquisition into Accra’s perennial flooding. It also jolted government into action after President John Mahama directed a nationwide demolition of unauthorized structures.

Local government authorities who had been reluctant in the past were emboldened to enforce building codes.

Beginning with Sodom and Gomorrah, Accra’s biggest slum area, a taskforce from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, with support from the security services demolished illegal structures.

City authorities acted on the long-held view that the haphazard structures erected on waterways and unauthorized buildings are causing the floods. 

Odaw river

One of Accra biggest rivers, Odaw, which had become a huge dumping ground for waste was dredged through the philanthropy of Ibrahim Mahama, a Ghanaian businessman and brother of the President.

But even before the city began to breathe a sigh of relief, last Friday’s rain appears to have shaken growing confidence that the worst flooding is behind the country.

According to Rev. Nyakotey Quao, the southern Ghana is experiencing a minor rainy season expected to run from September to November. It will be followed by the Harmattan in December.

After September recorded no rains, Rev. Quao observed that “we are lagging behind” the minor rainy session.

But this October, it has been noticed that there is appreciable amount of moisture in the atmosphere and favourable wind flow. These two conditions are signs of a raining season, he stated.

Ghanaians, he said, should therefore expect “moderate to heavy showers” especially in November.

But he added that the volumes of rain recorded so far are “not the type that should cause flooding”.

He blamed the flooding on the unchecked activities like quarrying in the construction industry.

The protective soil covering is Accra is being damaged because of construction works and this is leaving the city vulnerable to even slight showers, he explained.

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