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WATCH VIDEO: Ghanaian Hunter Wrestles With 2 Pythons

WATCH VIDEO: Ghanaian Hunter Wrestles With 2 Pythons Ghanaian Hunter Wrestles With 2 Pythons

Residents in Pakro-Odumsisi near Nsawam in the Eastern Region are yet to come to terms with how a hunter single- handedly wrestled with and eventually killed two pythons over the  weekend.

The hunter, 22-year-old Emmanuel Yemetey, was on his usual search for game with his younger brothers and their dog when he heard unusual barks from the dog who had taken the lead.

Sensing danger, he rushed to the scene only to find the dog barking at a huge python measuring about 10 feet long and 12 inches thick.

Gripped with fear, Yemetey struck the carnivorous reptile with his cutlass several times engaging it in a ‘fist to fist’- like battle as  the snake fiercely fought back.

“I nearly fell because it moved with so much strength with its head towards me but I was able to target it and cut deep into its skin,” he told The Mirror in an interview.

His younger brothers who were scared to death, stood trembling as they watched him  battle it out with the snake.

Just as the python fell dead on the ground, Yemetey, who was regaining his strength, realised he had been standing on a bigger python all that while.

But for the timely intervention of one of his brothers who screamed, he would have been bitten by the reptile that appeared to be revenging the death of its partner.

It took about 15 minutes of struggle before he eventually killed the second snake.

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Yemetey, who recounted this incident on his sick bed, said he regained consciousness only to realise he had been admitted to hospital.

“The last thing I remember is cutting off the head of the second snake. I lost a lot of energy because this one was bigger than the first one.”

He said the snake fought back harder than he expected.

He was told at the clinic that his brothers together with some residents rushed him there unconscious and it took the health officers sometime before they could revive him.

An Okada rider, Seidu Mohammed, who also spoke to The Mirror said he was at the station when Yemetey’s younger brothers who had managed to carry him to the roadside, rushed to say he had collapsed after killing two snakes.

He said they rushed to the bush to find him unconscious and quickly sent him to the Parkro health centre.

Hunting tales

Yemetey said although he had come across some dangerous incidents since he started hunting, this was by far the most dangerous one.

“Occasionally we see snakes but never have I seen snakes as big as the two I killed last week. My father, who is also a hunter, has told us some weird hunting tales but I did not believe any of them until my experience.”

He believed it was God who delivered him from such danger.

Centre of Attraction

After Yemetey was discharged from hospital, he led his father and some other villagers to the scene where they carried the two giant reptiles to the town.

For over two hours, people moved to his house to have a glimpse of the snakes as the news had then spread through the village.

As the children and women turned away at the sight of the reptiles, the men examined and skinned the snakes.

“Their skin is very beautiful and can be used as leather. We are drying it now to sell to manufacturers later,” one young man said.

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