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HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Please Help Get This Evil Man Arrested For Rape, Defilement and Anal S3x With A Minor

We don’t need the law to tell us that having any sort of s*xual conduct with a child is inappropriate, wicked and repugnant. But because ‘human beings’ need to know that such diabolical acts ought not to happen, we have laws stating the obvious—with deserving punishments.

Yet, some evil persons would continue to have their way with children…

The below video seems to be funny; but beyond the fact that the school child who is unaware of the harm and evil done her is concerned with some 10 GHS that she was promised—she has been defiled and an adult has had an anal s*x with her.

Obviously, she is a minor—she looks so and she says she is in class 3.

Therefore, there’s no way a minor can grant consent to s*x—though she seems to think she granted this consent in exchange for some 10 GHS. It’s a rape because her consent is legally invalid.

It’s unclear how long this video has been out there, and whether any appropriate action has been taken or not. So share this post and let’s get it to the appropriate authorities.

This is one of those times a maniac ought to be arrested—perhaps, he is doing it all the school children.

Do your bit for this ‘Call for Justice’ by sharing this POST!

Watch the video Above and tell us what you think… 



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