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Our Movie Industry is Dying - Ghallywood Actress, Bibi Bright

Our Movie Industry is Dying - Ghallywood Actress, Bibi Bright Bibi Bright

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright,says the Ghanaian movie industry has lost its momentum and is currently on its knees and experiencing a decline.


In an interview with Showbiz on Monday, Bibi Bright, who has starred in both Nigerian and Ghanaian productions said although the movie industry in Ghana was vibrant and profitable for a period of time, it has now lost its spark and has been taken over once again by the Nigerian movie industry.“The movie industry is terrible now, gone are those days when it was fruitful and every movie or production put out there sold. The industry is on its knees now and I do not believe this is due to the type of movies we put out. I believe this decline started with the period of load-shedding and has continued till now,” she said.

“It got to a time when the Nigerians were running the game, it got passed down to us and we took over but we have lost the momentum and the Nigerians are taking over once again. It’s terrible now but hopefully, things are going to get better soon. This is of great concern for some of us because acting is not only a job, it’s our passion, life and dream that we live. We pray that things improve soon,” she added.

Bibi Bright, who has been absent from the movie scene for some time said she took a break in order to re-evaluate her life and career because of a fallout she had with some people she used to work with.

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“I did not take a break in the sense of the word. I had to fall back and reassess a lot of things in terms of my career, where I am going in  life and my focus. I wrote and self-produced a movie titled Lost in His Glory. Although the movie did well on the market, I had a big fall out with the people I surrounded myself with and because of that , I needed some space to reassess some important things in my life.  So it’s not like I stopped acting completely, I only turned down a couple of roles that came my way,” Bibi explained.

Bibi who is noted for mainly playing what has been described as “bad-girl roles” said she feels comfortable playing such roles but asked the public not to confuse her acting with her persona in real life.

“Acting is not something I do, it is something I breathe. I get high when I am on set and it is because the passion burns in me. I am yet to receive a role I am not comfortable playing.

People forget that the roles that I play as an actress is not what I am in real life. I am supposed to make it real for you to believe. If I am supposed to act like a crazy wife or a prostitute, I have to portray this accurately because such roles exist in real life,” she said.

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