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9 Reasons Why Riding On A ‘Nduthi’ Is So Much Fun

‘Nduthis’ or motorbikes are a popular means of transport in the 254.

Most of us ride them either on a daily or from time to time depending on your life’s circumstances. In as much as nduthi riders get a bad rap sometimes, riding on a motorbike is fun. It has it’s own numerous advantages and here are some of them.

1. You get to whiz past cars stuck in traffic and you are like “See you later my people.”

Image: giphy.com

2. The nduthi guy gives you a lot of irrelevant but fun stories during the ride.

Image: giphy.com

3. You always make a grand entrance to your destination due to the engine noise.

4. It’s an express ride…That means no unnecessary stopping at different stages.

dance gif

Image: Giphy

5. You feel connected to the world around you.

6. Lots of fresh air unlike in matatus where you smell chips here and stinking shoes there.

7. You will always get your ‘change’ back.

image: lacff

8. You can bargain the fare at any time.


9. Your heart skips a beat from time to time when the nduthi guy pulls crazy stunts.



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