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7 Things We All Really Hated Doing When We Were Kids

Remember when we thought we had problems and we just couldn’t wait to grow up? If only we knew what being an adult really meant. As kids, some things always annoyed us and we hated doing them. Here are some of the things that we absolutely did not like as kids.

1. Going to school

Going to school was practically torture. All we wanted to do was sleep and eat all day but the adults found a way to stress us. Most people had to be dragged to school screaming and crying.

Hate school

Image: Twitter/ @KReseacher- Kenyan Facts

2. House Chores

I wonder who made the rule that kids should be made responsible for all the house chores. We were practically slaves doing everything from washing plates to sweeping.

Do not sweep at night

Image: Pinterest

3. Errands

If you had a lot of older people around you, you were probably sent around a lot as a kid. You were the official messenger, and woe betides you if you didn’t deliver messages properly.

ohhh meme

Image: Nairaland

4. Homework

This was just the worst thing ever. Like school wasn’t bad enough, we got so much homework to do.

African school children

Image: Pinterest

5. Staying indoors

Adults sometimes made us stay indoors for absolutely no reason and denied us the pleasure of going to play with our friends. Worst thing ever.

African children playing illustrated

Image: Pinterest

6. Being forced to eat

Left to us, we’d survive on candy and biscuits but most times we were forced to eat meals we absolutely did not like especially beans.


7. Punishments

Getting punished was just torture. The humiliation was too much and the punishments made your body hurt for days!

What did you hate most? You might also want to check out the common insults we all used when we were in primary school.

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