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7 Normal Things That Men Need To Stop Calling ‘Gay’ And Start Doing

It must be hard to be a man sometimes.

Everyone expects you to be some macho guy who can drive a manual, light a fire, act tough even when tears are welling up in your eyes and simply BE A MAN!

Damn! Who came up with those rules though? I think it’s time men did away with the notion that doing some things is deemed as ‘gay’ and actually started doing them. BTW, Pardon my use of ‘gay’ I don’t mean it in a condescending way…

Here are some of those things:

1. Showing emotions.

Crying is not ‘gay’. Women love men that show their emotions cause it shows that the man is not afraid to be himself around her. Watch ‘The Notebook’ with your bae on a chilled night in, grab tissues and cry! It’s okay! Cry yourself to sleep after a break-up, let it all out. It’s the human thing to do.
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2. Watching telenovelas.

So we all agree that men can watch anything that has to do with cars, James Bond but not a Mexican soap? Why not? It’s time that men joined us on the couch to watch ‘Maria De Los Angeles’ and all those other soaps, whom are we going to gossip with about Alejandro and Camilla when we are married and bored?

3. Wearing some clothes, styles and some colors.

So you will not wear pink because it’s a color for the ladies? Florals too? Colored blazers? C’mon it’s 2017. Matter of fact, carry that man bag to work. Seriously…nobody cares! It’s 2017 not the Elizabethan era.

men in pink fashion

Image: Charles Sykes

4. Partaking in some forms of self-grooming.

Guys, applying lip balm is okay! Using sunscreen and moisturizer is okay! Yaaaas fill your bathroom with all those nice smelling shower gels, shampoos, beard shampoo and your dresser with different oils. Take care of you! Women like that…not ashy hands that look like they can light a fire when you clap.

5. Speaking of grooming. Yes to mani-pedi.

OMG dirty nails are just…YIKES! Getting nails done is not ‘gay’. Please do it more often. The kind of men that walk around with one really long and gross fingernail that looks like it can be cut only using a panga gross me the hell out! And some of these men want their dirty fingers ‘wandering’ in our most sensitive of body parts eish…no thank you.

Photo Credit: FarrahGray.com

6. Eating ice-cream…and lollipops…and whatever other ‘gay’ foods are out there.

You know what? Just lick that cone ice cream like ya don’t care…

7. Using some emojis.

LOL. Shamelessly use the monkey emoji without feeling like you’re any less of a man. Girls don’t even care. I actually find it cute when I can have an emoji conversation with a guy. Don’t take yourself too seriously sometimes…life is too short…dude!


What other things are considered ‘gay’? Comment below. You might also want to read on grooming tricks that every man should know. and also, a guide on whether on not you should grow a beard.

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