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Are You Broke This January? Here Are 7 Tips That Can Help

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During the holidays we tend to splurge and forget that January is one very long month. By the first week of January, your account balance is already an embarrassment to look at and your constant mood is:


If this is your story, don’t worry! We have a few tips for you.

1. Look for all your debtors

Remember giving your colleague 1 thousand Naira last year? Look for him and collect it. Every naira is precious.

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2. Do ‘Mogbo Moya’ at Owambes and pack enough food to last you for the coming week.

Branch every Owambe you can and pack their food. There’s nothing like pride. Broke people don’t have any pride. You can check out our guide to being a successful ‘Mogbo Moya‘

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3. Learn how to trek well

If you can’t walk, stay in your house. At this point, even Okada is a luxury.

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4. Garri should be your go to snack

Nothing like groundnuts sha. Broke people don’t deserve groundnuts.


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5. Use your sick leave in January, so you don’t have to spend money on transport

If you find that you don’t have any money for transport. Just take your sick leave now.

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6. When things seem too tough, go and meet your parents for help

At least, they can feed you for a while.

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7. Finally, when January’s salary finally hits your account,  use your sense

If not, you’d end up living like a pauper throughout the year.

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We hope this helps! You might also want to see all the reasons you probably have a love-hate relationship with January.

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