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Dating Tips: 7 ways to tell your new girlfriend is a gold digger

  • She has expensive taste

She is an avowed fashion icon and everything she owes is name-brand.

She has an expensive taste but doesn’t have high-paying to pay for her own expenses.

If so, she’s definitely a gold digger. She is out to seek wealthy people and latch onto them like a leech to flesh.

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  • Gifts will always make her forgive you

She is a gold digger when every petty quarrel can also be resolved if you buy something for her.

Problems should be sorted out through communication, not lavish gifts.

  • She forgets your big events but never hers

She isn’t ready to make a major life commitment.  She doesn't make room for you in her busy social life. However, she constantly reminds of events she wants to go to. Concerts, dinners, and even shopping dates with friends are never missed.

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  • She has everything in common with you

This is the easy way to identify a gold digger. She pretends to like all the favorite things. She even has the same allergies as you. You’ll know this is true if you’re the one always talking about what you like and she simply jumps in to tell you, “me too!”

  • She compliments you too much

Every gold digger is cunning and knows how to play with words to get what they want. You just have to be observant and figure out her tricks.

If she’s complimenting you over and over again, then you know it’s a lie and she just wants to butter you up so you’ll spend money on her.

  • She uses s-x as a weapon

If she refuses to make love to you after every misunderstanding, she's probably a gold digger.

If you shower her with gifts and she has s-x with you again, it’s a reward system. She’s conditioning you to basically pay for her lady bits.

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  • You don’t actually know that much about her

Doesn't she take much about her family, her values, or anything of relevance to a relationship?

If she doesn’t, it could be a sign she’s just a gold digger who’s after you for your money.

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