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Eman Abdul Atti: 'World's heaviest woman' from Egypt dies and this is the cause

Eman Abdul Atti 'World's heaviest woman' from Egypt dies and this is the cause

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The 37-year-old Egyptian woman once weighed 1,102 pounds

play World's heaviest woman flew to India to fight for her life (CNN)
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An Egyptian woman, thought to be the heaviest in the world, has died from kidney and heart failure in an Abu Dhabi hospital after an international medical effort to bring her weight down.

Eman Ahmed Abd El-Aty, 37, from Alexandria, was believed to have weighed as much as half a tonne when her family first made an appeal for help in February.

She was flown to India for a gastrectomy, in which parts of the stomach are removed, before she was transferred in May to the Burjeel hospital in the UAE after she was airlifted from her home with the aid of a crane to undergo a weight loss procedure.

She had not walked in 25 years but had reportedly lost more than 660 pounds after undergoing the bariatric procedure in March.

At the time, hospital officials told BBC News that Atti was dealing with cardiac issues, a bacterial infection and bed sores. Her former doctor at Saifee Hospital had clashed with the woman’s family during her hospitalization.

Her sister accused the hospital of exaggerating her weight loss, and said she was suffering seizures and not stable enough to transfer hospitals. 

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