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Get Involved In Assembly Town Hall Meetings -- Residents Charged

The head of the Community Development Unit of the Ledzokuku Krowo Municipal Assembly (LEKMA), has advised residents to attend town hall meetings to appreciate the work and responsibilities of Assemblies towards residents.

Madam Genevieve Ofosuamaa, who was addressing participants at a soap making workshop organised by her outfit for residents of Teshie in LEKMA, said residents would not be ignorant if they attended such meetings because policy makers and Chief Executives would educate and expatiate on issues bothering their minds.

Sixty men and women drawn from various groups attended the trainer of trainees' workshop which sought to teach them liquid and bar soap and bleach making as part of the Assembly's efforts at helping residents acquire relevant skills to earn decent living.

The entire workshop was financed by the Assembly and was targeted at low income, the employed and social and economically vulnerable groups.

According to Madam Ofosuamaa, the payment of taxes and levies were the contribution of residents towards the development of the area and therefore they needed to appreciate why and how such funds were collected and used.

'Residents should also know the Assembly's bye-laws which are needed to regulate their relationships with the Assembly, each other and the environment. We need to appreciate all these mechanisms to lead a life of good health, prosperity and dignity,' she said.

On the workshop, she urged participants to diligently follow the processes in order to teach others in their groups.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Noah Ashikwei, a member of the Jehowa Akwei group, Teshie, said the workshop was timely and very useful since a lot of residents in his area needed such skills to earn a living.

'I will encourage members of my group and beyond to have this kind of training to be useful to themselves and society,' he said.

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