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Another Case Of Poor Infrastructure: Pupils Of Tapa Amanya Learn On Stones

Another Case Of Poor Infrastructure: Pupils Of Tapa Amanya Learn On Stones

There are no classrooms or desks but pupils of Tapa Amanya Roman Catholic Primary school in the Biakoye district of Volta region are determined to access formal education.

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Crowded in a small bamboo structure, the pupils hungry for education sit on stones whiles others, on the bare floor to learn.

While other schools may be looking forward to government's free laptops, pupils in this school have more grave and basic worries.

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They have no desks, chairs and their biggest headache remains dangerous reptiles. Some of the students who spoke to Adomonline.com’s, Gershon Mortey said the situation is affecting their education.

They appealed for support to enable them compete with their peers in the urban area.

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"We don’t have teachers. We want the government to give us teachers so that those in Primary Six can go to their class. Some are sitting in threes. We are merged together. We are joined by Class 5 and 6. We learn Class Six subjects and it’s difficult to understand…"

Headmaster of the school, Emmanuel Owusu said the situation was seriously affecting effective teaching and learning in the school.

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He revealed that, due to the lack of teachers, he has merged the students in a structure with very little desks so the others are left with no other option than to sit on stones.

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"We use bamboo for the fence. Last time it fell on one of the kids. We have not had any help".

"We called on the government. Some of them made promises but we have been looking forward and it doesn’t seem to come true…", he said.

Mr. Owusu noted that, during the rainy season, teaching and learning at the school is seriously affected and classes are suspended.

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The Tapa Amanya headmaster also said they lacked text books and have to use his own pocket money to buy supplies to enable him teach the pupils.

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Mr. Emmanuel Owusu appealed to government to as a matter of urgency come to their aid to secure the future of the pupils in the school.

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The Gyasihene in Tapa Amanya, Nana Kwabena Mentah, said the town has recorded a high number of school dropouts because the town has been neglected by the central government.

"It’s sad taking your child to school and knowing very well that they sit on the ground to learn. The teachers teach but the welfare of the kids is misplaced. No one seems to be bothered…"he maintained.

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Nana Kwabena Mentah called on government to provide the school with teaching and learning materials to make the school attractive to the children in the area.

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Story by Ghana/ Adomonline.com | Gershon Mortey

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