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Interesting Scenes: Photos from the Bukom Banku-Bastie Samir's bout

Bukom Banku has been defeated for the very first time in his boxing career and it came by way of a knockout in the hands of Batie Samir at the Bukom Boxing Arena on Sunday.

The first round of the bout was a give and take affair between the two boxers.

Bukom Banku had the better part of Bastie Samir in round two, but Samir was devastating in round three and almost knocked out Bukom Banku, but he was saved by the rope.

Bastie continued his dominance in round four and in round five Bukom Banku managed to get some jabs to land on the face of Samir.

Samir in round six looked like he was going to land Bukom Banku whenever his punches get through fingers of the former.

Samir went on rampage as if he was possessed in round 7 and threw about five punches in sequential manner without any reply from Banku and only used the rope to help him be on his feet and he was lucky to be saved by the referee who stepped in to halt the bout for a moment.

Shortly after the referee had allowed the bout to restart Samir went all attacking and he knocked out Bukom Banku and the latter threw in the towel.

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