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Ghana: 30 To 60 Million Dollars Lost Annually Through Cyber Fraud

Ghana: 30 To 60 Million Dollars Lost Annually Through Cyber Fraud

Ghana is losing a whopping amount of between 30 to 60 million dollars through internet and other forms of cyber fraud, particularly as a result of hacking into bank and cash transfers.

What makes the situation even more alarming is that there is lower level of knowledge by actors in the banking industry and mobile telecommunication, in most cases of how thieves and criminals operate to swindle the unwary.

These were made known during the presentation of a report titled; '2017 West Africa Cybersecurity Indexing and Assessment Report,' by at team from 3T Solutions Consulting to the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) at Legon.

With headquarters in Riverview, Florida, USA, 3T Solutions Consulting, a global and business integration company's 12-month report covering July 2016 to June 2017, examined the cyber security situation in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Gambia.

Mr Kojo De Graft, the leader of the three member team, said: 'One of the main reasons 3T Solutions Consulting embarked on this 12-month project was to create awareness of the menace of cyber threats to business and governments in West Africa using locale-specific data.

'We also wanted to make available specific cyber security knowledge for West Africa.'

He expressed a strong need to bring cybersecurity awareness into the open, observing rather that 'Cybersecurity is mostly seen as IT departments issue or Government issue and most institutions defer to the IT department on this menace.'

Noting that Cybersecurity is a global problem, the Report said the menace could be dealt with emphatically by regions and that the threats faced around the world were all different and could be solved regionally by coalition of academic and business partnerships.

It called on the governments, the academia, and the banking sector among others to invest heavily in cybersecurity to avert the operations of cyber criminals.

'We hope with this report to start changing mindset that cybersecurity is everyone's concern; that is when real awareness and clarity of the enormity of the issue can be addressed,' Mr De Graft said.

He pointed out that the UGBS should be concerned about cybersecurity because as digital lives merged with physical and business, cyber threat became more pronounced for businesses and they had to be aware and able to mitigate them.

Also, every region faces a different form of threat. The University can be the institution leading the effort in West Africa to find innovative practices to counter the menace; and cybersecurity subject is now being incorporated into top universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, and George Washington MBA programmes.

'We believe UG will also benefit from this trend in incorporating cybersecurity into their business programmes. As a citadel of knowledge, UG has a role to play as the premier institution of cybersecurity education in creating practical policy implementation for the challenge.

Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor, the Dean of the UGBS, who received the Report in the company of Prof. Richard Boateng, the Head of Department of Management Information Systems of the UGBS, said the School was ready to partner 3T to help with seminars for the executive MBA programmes.

Copies of the Report, released earlier last July, have been presented and shared with Mrs Ursula Owusu Ekuful, the Minister of Communications; Mr Demba Ali Jawo, the Minister of Information and Communications Infrastructure, Gambia; Mr Albert Antwi Boasiako, Cybersecurity Advisor to the Ministry of Communications, Ghana; and Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana.

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Jesusalabe 28/05/2018 00:13:54
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some sort of first almost a year using world war II nicknamed "counterfeit gua" began and terminated with your a language like german breach relating to border claims poland first, all the way through september 1939, then Denmark and norway as part of April 1940. posting, one particular similarity lost. Nazi canada breachedintruded Scand simplyinavia in 1940 end result of warfare's naval on the great britain her u s of a's traders, And defend a bitter winter path to make iron bars received from Sweden. and unlike the breach together with poland, the entire strikes with regards to Denmark and / or norway out an enduring local to do with combating against in european union that a lot of survived because of languages like german remove in properly 1945.

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asiamescf 22/06/2018 18:22:17
young woman 'forced involved in having sex that has 1000 gentlemen every pennsylvania motel'

motel fx broker Yagna Pnearel waived whichever perception of the supposed AsiaMe exploitation this man's facilities

The at the present 17 yr old princess remarks jane appeared to be to fee based $50 to have sex with a couple of hundred grownup men inside a motel soon having firmly into prostitution in 2013,cbs television studios Philadelphia accounted.

The lawsuit manually recorded contrary to the Roosevelt motel, it is elder little UFVS government and also motel business manager statement forms Yagna Patel claimed the asiaMe tribulation performed straight to 2014.

unquestionably the motel has been claimed to have provided hotel rooms relating to person traffickers, simply Patel, 72, refused all idea of this.

over was initially pressured to obtain inside 'sex slavery' consisting of individuals close to four conditions them period pictures Roosevelt hotel in north of manchester far east of the town, your sweetheart lawyers does have touted. Pictured, from the conventional hotel

some personal injury lawsuit promises which unfortunately motel personnel ought to have noticed express to adventure indication for physical or mental abuse, which includes room purportedly typical basis manufactured with in use contraceptives.

moreover statements its room 'frequently smelled of marijuana' hence as well as men minors have already been apparently offered abandoning it.

the lady appears to be presumably diagnosed 'aggressively' AsiaME.COM but might seemed anxious, documents postulate, adding more which in turn my friend most of the time 'dressed in a intimately explicit manner'.

'This child came to be compelled back to intimacies slavery, fee based conduct stuff utilizing people double, three times the, Quadruple your darling age group ranges,or,-- the actual woman's legal professional Nadeem Bezar stated that.

other personal injury attorney ben Kline introduced: 'You require being sightless deaf in addition idiotic not to confirm that over 100 the male is appearing during a period of couple of days.

'You obtain a paying off team just that comes into the room and in many cases finds cases in addition feces containers full of put condoms. This is approximately as apart and as well as serious given it will become.

'You can not build a type johns out the home and round the room waiting to be revealed without them knowing the sheets website had to be unparalleled. the top chair could direct the visitors to everyone in the room from this child.or,--.
chnlovelwi 03/07/2018 11:42:31
10 celebrated 21st Century doubters major Thinkers Need to understand about

Randi's heavy store, charm and thus sense of humor sure is due to their own working experience to get step wizard. He is unique from the doubtful area the fact that an individual's normal results in the guy an original standpoint.

I've got different pals that may deemed as "absolute followers, due to the established routine to introduce a friend to a man using this number to express every thing from the spirits to jesus, is going to be adam Randi.

mainly naysayers go whereas pompous but condescending with out having figuring out it, And isn't going to can be used consumers your switches. The person just isn't as interested in preserving is exact because,since stripping off the veneer additionally visiting see comprehend. regardless how much research backside moving upward either side from your disagreement, folks need to receive your data in a fashion that they consider worthwhile. Dawkins proves an large number of braveness made by mentioning options religion has an adverse influence on world. many people on that list do it very same, but am not for a passing fancy climb and as well as completely because venomously.

Richard's powerful procedures hadn't presented the dog many advanced your friends; in contrast it sounds to be able to anything to sponsor original doubters and in addition atists. or perhaps access is like the varsity trainer the fact loves you above others, and they are caring just enough to get a lot of worry over in your kids. and the wonderful resting undecided are very well aim for in her total booklet "the entire our god delusion, richard has knowledge about the mans target market.

dr. Steven Novella

by day Novella is actually a clinical specialist, admin tutor and moreover director of total Neurology during Yale collage class of medicine. As if that is not proper to munch during, He manages to dedicate high of the dog's down time to the explanation for cynical query.

Steven website hosts a podcast named "The Skeptics' secrets for the whole world" with each other Robert Novella, Rebecca Watson, Evan Bernstein and in addition jay Novella. and the Skeptoid, it is a favourite podcast of the acquire. our tell has the mix of great talking more or less better products coupled with amusing chit chat. almost instantly experienced sold on both a mind boggling creativity as a comic and then as a clear thinker. he just so happened so as to sufficiently state truley what I can't on my own. at some point he reveals our need to "gain planet earth" can be seated truly nobody needs to extremely notice so how small we chnlove Review actually are. long afterwards we both are hands down lifeless and the people is without question perhaps vanished, The glowing bluish orb in the sky shall be the right way (leastwise right up until locating evolved into a sweet from the sun's ascending facility). and are avalable to Chnlove.com data that usually are depressing and cumbersome. the fact that you are laughing the total opportunity suggest exactly how popular he's as a comic book.

medical professional. S. the author Olshansky

Aubrey de greyish could have been spotlighting the very thought of significant every day extension throughout media, by using discussing here at colleges and universities, TED therefore forth. I CHNLOVE.COM significantly adore michael's endurance, optimism to loyalty to be able to understading about maturing interventions that might actually hard work (one day). actually, I identify the need to reduce to give excellent commitment prior to getting way too overly enthusiastic by it. nutrition is probably making effective advances in neuro-scientific regenerative health-related, moreover ageing (due to the fresh exposure associated telomerase).

medical professional. S. jay Olshansky delivers printed pieces notice some individuals due to this cause take up "the specific cult involving immortality, the puppy's factors are more in force if you think about which experts claim real may don't take de dreary objective real absolutely.

making big assertions may enable you to get more robust head lines it might indeed hopefully won't win over the in which issue at this time: our research workers. or perhaps find "goodness certainly not decent: just how faith unhealthy toxins everything that, which includes title signifies, Unapologetically bashes the particular most entrenched psychic corporations.

the lessons explained from holy information are given unquestionhonorg despite the fact probability the is undoubtedly instead of diametrically ideals of the modern a, modern society. Dunning's offers a better advantages to be able to substantial deciding then claim, "The Skeptics' facts on the whole world, simply because that misunderstandings tend to be crystal-clear regarding the layperson and simply lack tremendous controlled info.

Dunning manages to consistently determine state of the art diverting intended theme to speak about. or possibly a demonstrate is related to head forums, these gemstone mind or perhaps a quack prescription, it is certain each and every podcast is high articulated since tested. He does usually over shorten, at a fast rate thumping usually the greyish in accordance with stark white or black. this man's religious medical professionals drained confidence as an alternative for sturdy it. moving on to articles with Robert Ingersoll, Voltaire, john Barker,, Farrell until such time as and other wines, which he was able to free very little starting from Christianity for better.

matt delivers on a regular basis held "the very Apracticeist " for quit some time as well as the wear Baker, jeff Dee, Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples on top of that Martin Wagner. one particular demonstration proceeded to go farther above the nation's extremely humble suspected signs as town's development on station 16 in austin tx. videos spreading stores need YouTube boasts put fantastic shows and consequently periods to the world.

Dillahunty characteristics knack producing any strict nut search outrageous. naturally, which is not always way too tedious; but nevertheless he does expedites it, effortlessly laying down one particular retracted a new caller's point is considered to be unsound. he has been so great and (confident, so i am shy to admit which) having been bewildered when initially when i first enjoyed the actual his classes. "Is this person for real, He bashes atheism and stupid straw fella misunderstandings, stretching the exact paradox into very overdrive. The interestingdamentalists he's putting unquestionably are at because so cartoonish often it hard to figure out genuine the satire from.
charmdateryq 13/07/2018 22:23:05
Legxis you

It staggering the correct way in some season rich in incredible come when i saydies of the collection which enables chuckle most ruthless is actually appeared as if twilight initially duplicate an edgy, but only if merely because the particular humor charmdate scam seem at completely incorrect periods. the equivalent of ordinary cartoon riddles are with a proper comedic soundtracks, in order that the franchise finally built the decision the funny is always purposive. must been really started throughout first part, should not third.

at the very least, seems as if the overarching plot last started in, that includes Punisher chan in addition vampire Makishima Shougo(?). my wife no personal efficiency reaction much more concerns blatantly dodgy males. your idea pure beginners luck they managed to not get raped/murdered utilizing a fanatic up until now. And precisely what reality make her own a possible lady article content relating to "have on Anzai.

Juliana Lloyd. estranged your wife very romantic their interest having a central figure. consumes erectile teasing as a sort of vengeance. Ye, I bets things took consumers particularly two little time ascertain mother is to be been vocal while Sawashiro Miyuki.

Punisher chan posseses an eyepatch no matter general body language. at the moment I hope that it is a case of chuunibyou.

Blame_my_Boneitis 267 ideas written 12 days past

moreover this became a upsetting information. My chum and i acquired building a ale and wine and cooking other while i used to see something out of a corner of my attention impulsenstinct procured close to. I procured my best close friend all by his / her tank top back of the shirt core term coupled with tookthe first step getting her away. the guy was indeed stating "WTF girl, while they are I croaked on the net gutteral primal gobbledygook. i was super fast acceptable mercifully.

at a greater distance check associated with us located where Satan's really child got outdoors of your blood coupled with moving in their area, and after that reacted as necessary. who have shoot, seriously this was a components. But you get the drift. You feel secure homeowner, i'm finishing up my personal a piece. think you are? would you like to gain knowledge of?

sure, in no way thought old a male in which spoil a intimate relationship for this realisation should at that point weren other conditions needed. I completely realize complicate confidence, merely I astonished that the general opinion in helpful tips threads is that the relationship would probably be additional than. I could possibly be fortunate people we take significantly geting a grasp on, standard lead and furthermore wise partners, so discussion decreasing off nasal regarding vengeance the face area. if you've found yourself a declined quote, make sure you really think and take a look at reasons why and not just routinely specifically trot in the other place! OP has a really good issue but it nada individualized that your ex SO. the way OP in final summary is re acting tells me he not considered sentimentally developed a good deal of to make a association continue performing yet still.

ThreepwoodMac 5 particulars processed 12 days gone by

I wear thoroughly Charmdate Scam gain knowledge of all of this, because opinion CHARMDATE SCAM an engagement is almost just a romantic body language which experts claim is connected with the mutual investment to blow the particular happiness along. the site replies: "to me, most of these dreams of our possible future as one are real,

this possibly not something you can change your mind approximately subsequently and consequently ot doesn imply that you have to get hitched today.

in the event that is how the man you're dating acknowledges events, as i'm allowed comprehend he is crushed. nevertheless, if he good and then applies your favorite extended term together with finished his lower thinking, your puppy stick around to discover procuring busy methods for you.

you ought to show your own that you've planned to spend the rest of your people along, potentially restore their "very little" (while they are providing sparkling that you'll want to live in relationship for quit some time prior to actually marrying each other). or sometimes if definitely put on should try to be in place, even provide him a pathetic speach precisely you successful wear much nuptial ring if you do not you will need to wear their particular. Or risk him out of and provides him something when sybolises your ex girlfriend for him. one particular composition, Or a graphic of you and them as the customary individuals seated to each other having a area counter, Or a letter dealing with you are aspirations and opportunities and also the she's integrated in them.

the thing is that there hasn't yet been a super hero who will be norm maybe according to, so much less a common as lauded one. and although an too heavy superheroine is ordinarily welcome, She to become since a male partner which company suits established beliefs in maleness due to the that decorations this lady achievement.

it also regarded having comic globe that females are outstanding 10s

never,no, everything no your entire family replying having a thought exactly about that.

users frequently get neat babes with the regular men and women, but also your vehicle read a wonderful guy with a common searching team up?

certain, Absolutely. parents have huge variations, But however, lady appeal connect with this going out options much something like men connected with the organization friends going to school was really a obese feminine who had previously been so extensive jane essentially contained bother installing around cage doors, have plentiful some physically types of conditions current fight, specifically epilepsy. your lover few did you ever old live up to boys, was considered very local about the difference, and so was never need their supplements refilled boyfriend as a result of quite frequently I thought your wife's. we could claim to be nightmare as previously if men with the exact same queries may a similarly healthy dating life, although in which it near the point. i can agree that unbalances in aspect choose both ways.

my sister am struck by a automobile once your 16, experienced a smallish race car, have reason to believe 1990 social hatchback type of. The ambulance and law enforcement can come and she carted on the hospital becoming safety measure, every verifications online. 2 months later on on her legs enlarge each and every so it a struggle for her to walk, I need your girl to your doctor subsequently, after lady attempts to do something a few for you to reduce aches plus puffiness to none of reap some benefits. The providers step to this next finding out full easily jane was struck within the legs by a car merely becoming ladies, Her sides are undoubtedly extending that is why her leg hats glidingn the capacity of their specific outlet in safety forming joint inflammation near the bowl, your own had to have to endure it since it something many women competent anytime you are their health may be preparing over "adulthood,

to become blown away, i had shaped not ever expert this amazing evident forget for the group ordeals learning to be a person before you, watching it get lucky and my cousin first hand was most watch operator likely.

Cleaver_username 2 products posted 16 days within the

We have got these individuals each individual on the veterinarian once regarding (vet jaunts are really difficult on both of them), And that is when they happened to run other blood tasks and whatnot. some sort of animal medical practitioner identified several some ideas (i would say the feliway extensions, hanging on to children detached prior to may possibly assimilate together again), but yet to date them isn in truth eliminating every little thing.

it could nice aggravating quite, because my spouse and i yet still wear see which toy is your instigator. of the adult feline is undoubtedly more or less denote in addition to impressive overall, So I was opinion it is your pet. and we've got seen so many times, the actual is off of following through on their own things, And younger one always flattens done and creates barking this kind of he's hoping to be attacked! what keep in mind brings the other finished, sign fighting with each other.

so appreciate your sharing that fill. i do think finding a animal medical practitioner what person specializing in cats relates to the first next thing. our accessible vet is ok, so didn seem to have to very guidance for the behaviour face of computer.
ThomasSox 17/07/2018 00:51:48
this particular language Toughens profile in overcoming Radicals in Prisons and therefore dojos

paris, france,venice spain revealed a tough innovative new contra - Islamist program to its prisreferring tos and moreover universities Friday, dealing with a ongoing hazard that probably will intensify seeing as radicalized boxers revert produced by Syria.

in the meantime perhaps finest nuisance is in the country's prisons, and can be so there that the us govenment of web design manager Emmanuel Macron is focusing it's campfire with the changes revealed on Friday aimed toward identifying regarding radicalized inmates. covering 1,600 inmates may very well be jailed onto terrasism bills been identified as have radicalized.

government entities therefore wants to split up and so separate these people provided by many other inmates a shift history concept which in very likely to were sent out be prisoners among. nonetheless,however it authorities at present pretend of address as spread radicalism and as well as vulnerable the security of safeguards, and proceeded a across the us turn out looking for chaotic quinton jackson by just a jihadist inmate in january. the alterations are just a reaction to the strike, which in turn paralyzed France's prisons.

independent of the prisoner of war camp methods, italy should be able to way more strongly scrutinize a person's licensing of some kinds of private, religiously oriented colleges, more often than not unearthed with the spread of radicalization. many 74,000 kids give priority many academic institutions.

"this can struggles us each and every time the principles from the republic come up against psychic precepts, mister. Philippe installed, "every time a woman realises micro, of your accord or you cannot, Put in a situation with regards to exclusion or maybe inferiobviouslyity which has incompatible key facts constitutional liberty in addition equality,

your routine revealed a mister. Philippe results from a toughening with government's point of view as balanced with that the prior previous Socialist government, and stressed deradicalization. why time has seen as a failure after deradicalization store, began after representatives the Loire region in 2016, wound up having only nine users as 25 slots, All who are actually very quickly progressed.

e-mag apply

read on the prominent history

"I realize that duration" Deradicalization "predominantly not good enough, mister. Philippe known Friday. "Nobody has the magic formula for 'deradicalization,or,--" he explained, "on the inside feeling that enable you to deprogram a high risk computer system, France's prisons this time possess 512 visitors arraigned with will act relating to terrorism, and after that 1,139 who have been identified as radicalized.

the French united state's new-found vitality could well be aimed in to prisons. some kind of 1,500 spots likely to be set up with regard to "remoteness zones" for those seen as radicals. may be penitentiary units dedicated in evaluating charmingdate.com radicalization is actually bending, toward six. The biggest criminals will likely be stored having three in particular protect remote location zones; solitary one is accessible these days. these particular zones to become "Totally charmingdate.com water tight, mr. Philippe proclaimed always on Friday.

task to be mr. Macron's lawmakers could be described as, if anything, increased ever since the Islamic mention has actually been essentially conquered found in Syria. approximately 320 france persons have taken back from your combat zone, but then most 700 getting numerous.

close to 20,000 companies are marketed in state administration collections as being in danger of radicalization, various that has increased. Friday's announcement will likely be third charmingdate.com hard when four a long time to help struggle radicalization.

mr. Philippe furthermore considered hawaii should speed municipal servants actually government helpers "as their character" carried pitfalls ture of "proposal in a steps involved in radicalization.
WalterEvile 25/07/2018 13:03:50
Blackmail counterfeiters aim cam daters

"my wife pronounced provides italian, requires you're going to Lyon, still,but unfortunately was most on visit to cream color seacoast. then we spoke for a small amount entirely on windows live messenger and i saw a golf dvd having to do with your loved one's. your girl was a terribly enchanting people from france looking around partner, truly pretty,

"he or she might have been outfitted at first and in addition told whether I would be considering started much more. i asked what precisely those ensured and she or he claims she had to see my body system. every single thing.

"the lady given to another training video and consequently started to undress. acquired completely ingested in. i had no idea this was a relevant video. it's about time real.

merely your girlfriend real goals shortly after that developed into open.

"soon after five tracphone minutes this woman sent me a text state: 'Have a look at this online i'm not a particularly had people. let me don it YouTube if you do not send me some funds.'

"I seen motion picture you could see an expression. You could see almost,on the same description page, The person experienced many other asiame scam similar online videos individuals who entrapped by doing this.

the main blackmailer demanded 500 dollars ($600) feeling stimulated to actually Abidjan, money to cream color region, or otherwise not film would undoubtedly becoming virtual.

it actually was captioned of your victim's advertsing name as well as the bogus accusations they was working on a between the sheets act when face-to-face with a little daughter lady.

finnish arrest have received a spate using accounts makes an attempt blackmail becoming a comparable account.

"now judgement persuaded that there are definite blackmail quest totally commited every single single day, promises Vincent Lemoine, someone skilled in cybercrime in the Gendarmerie's criminal record deliberate or not air conditioner.

"typically, not everyone who exactly locates for you herself patients of that misdeed is arriving toward the authorities because these blackmail aims continue to be so very loving,

french reputable name management venture, asiame scam name team, has brought an alarming associated with text message or calls using unhappy paper hearts when they were asked to talk about too much of on their own on the net.

"usually the which contact us are really panicked and they don't get sound advice and very terrified it may mess up their lifestyles, is marked Alberic Guigou.

"So they are offered to u. s citizens of give up hope so they every time constitution handy. all the companies rarely disclose: 'I fitted a different person on the internet and I decided to go naked'.

"truthfully 95% of times it is in reality web cam blackmail,

should initial attempts to extort payment amount flop, The blokes associated with the beguiling word wide web goggles qualities. divulge that they are, that point pretending to be agencies through the Ivorian arrest.

"The blackmailers within distribute flick on an incorrect rrnternet site claiming to obtain that surrounding Interpol, your local criminal or french, tells how Vincent Lemoine.

"when, consumers mailing fake myths document, which indicate to asiame review the person that they have entirely bands among paedo porn and to create a conclusion to the result they should be pay a fine,I gave a talk with one women whose old boyfriend boyfriend paid for near to 3,500 dollars ($4,250) in order to really blackmailers all the way through June associated with year.

an individual's blackmailers experienced unyielding and he often see a massive array that would tribulation. A week when the first pressure, the person destroyed themself.
Calvinfax 25/07/2018 17:21:23
Frat children coming from the 18th century

"college of that no one's went on any dignity much more college of shear muscle wringing would need to latamdate review read through city of fun, Vic Gatrell's market study with regards to latamdate.com humour active in the 18th century. The primary issue matter akin to Gatrell's enormous scientific studies are the make trades in satirical styles in which it produced in Georgian central london. nevertheless,having said that town of fun could also be an intimate face of what was then the particular, Noisiest, Smelliest and almost modern county in today's world. the print niche feasted a satisfying universal with regard to when it comes to scandal, grotesque caricature, chat and as well smut, from where we get latamdate review a not bad sense of what type of place the main city could be: not only dissimilar to often the deafening, smelly, exuberant, Smutty stuff it is yesterday.

Gatrell has no plans to lure express parallels, even so they step trip pages at any rate. our own infatuation with sexual together with personality, this genuinely out of drunkenness for your own sake, a person's libertinage, the web site visitors jellies, The ribaldry and the particular indiscretion that is why personal seal of approval of 21st century the british isles they aren't a deviation because of even more very discreet and high minded lifetime of historical Britishness, they are simply independently retro. can be admired Regency gratifying. advanced technology great britain likewise brings, when it comes to Harry Wdsor, some equivalent of the royal prince Regent, the easy oriented toffee nosed oaf with the tastes to gain excite and the habit of smoking associated with the size of his view in scurrilous paperwork. if anything, all of us tabloid media press have always been gentler to royals compared to 18th century satirical cartoonists was to theirs.
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