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13 Buses Donated By Turkey Has Been Left To Rust

At least 13 buses donated by the Turkish government to Ghana in 2017 meant to improve public transportation remain grounded in Accra.

The buses are the remaining fleet of 30 donated by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in October 2017.

The Local Government Minister Alima Mahama who received the buses on behalf of government pledged to ensure the buses were well used.

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"They are refurbished buses. They are not brand new but…you can see that they are well refurbished," she said then.

Also, a 40-footer container full of spare parts was also added to the buses to easy repairs and maintenance of the buses.

The fleet was to be distributed across the district assemblies to supplement government's public transportation, the Ayalolo bus service.

The Turkish representative in Ghana told the media she had "no doubt" that the buses will be put to good use.

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"It has been quite an expensive project," but "we know that there is a great need for public transportation in Ghana...I am so pleased that finally, it came to land…we hope that they will be useful for the people of Ghana", she said.

But Joy News checks revealed, the buses are spending time with weeds.

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