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NSMQ2018: ABUGISS Towers Over Obuasi, Abuakwa

Aburi Girls SHS (ABUGISS) from the Eastern Region has qualified for the quarterfinals of the NSMQ after a gunning performance over Abuakwa State College and Obuasi SHTS.

The Aburi Mountains-based girls shattered their contenders in the lion-antelope contest.

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The woes of Obuasi SHS were defined in the first round after they failed to secure even a single point. Abuakwa SHS, however, looked like they would be spell trouble for overdogs, ABUGISS after they scored 8 points only 2 short of the latter’s 10.

The second round, however, showed the difference after ABUGISS left a dust cloud behind them with their 23 points while wrong answers from Abuakwa State College cut down their points to 5.

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Obuasi SHS watched their zero points enter negative, owing to some wrong answers as well.

They, however, made up for their plummeting performance in the problem of the day, scoring seven points, one better than their tormentors Aburi and second-placing Abuakwa.

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Aburi Girls SHS had effected a substitution before the problem of the day.

Round 4 proved very little in determining the winners but Obuasi SHS came from negative to topple Abuakwa’s second position after some thrilling True or False statements.

The speed round ended not only the contest but also crashed the hopes of Abuakwa State College and Gold hub-based Obuasi SHTS of securing a golden spot for the 2019 competition.

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End of Contest:
Aburi Girls' SHS: 45 pts
Obuasi SHTS: 14 pts
Abuakwa State College: 12 pts
Congratulations Aburi Girls' SHS! #NSMQ2018 #NSMQat25 #Oneeighth #Primetimeat25 — NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 19, 2018

End of round 4:
Aburi Girls' SHS: 42 pts
Obuasi SHTS: 14 pts
Abuakwa State College: 09 pts
Last round to go! #NSMQ2018 #NSMQat25 #Oneeighth #Primetimeat25

— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 19, 2018
Scores so far:
Aburi Girls' SHS: 29 pts
Abuakwa State College: 11 pts
Obuasi SHTS: 04 pts
Next is Round Four; True/False. #NSMQ2018 #NSMQat25 #Oneeighth #Primetimeat25 — NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 19, 2018

End of round 2:
Aburi Girls' SHS: 23 pts
Abuakwa State College: 05 pts
Obuasi SHTS: -03 pts
Wonderful performance by the ladies...The Problem of the Day is up next #NSMQ2018 #Oneeighth #NSMQat25 #Primetimeat25 — NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 19, 2018

End of round 1:
Aburi Girls' SHS: 10 pts
Abuakwa State College: 08 pts
Obuasi SHTS: 00 pts
Round 1 was a bit slow...we hope things pick up in the next round; the Speed Race #NSMQ2018 #Oneeighth #NSMQat25 #Primetimeat25 — NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 19, 2018

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