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Mensa Otabil Charges Africans To Conquer The World

The only way for Ghana and Africa to develop and be counted amongst the league of powerful nations or continents is to break out from the siege mentality, head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church has said.

Dr Mensa Otabil said for years Ghanaians and Africans have come out with “nice ideas” but what the world needs to develop are “bold ideas.”

For a country and continent adept at achieving tremendous success in the negative, Pastor Otabil said it is time to break out of the confines and achieve tremendous success in the positive.

He was speaking at the 2018 Festival of Ideas organized by Legacy and legacy under the theme: “Leveraging strategy technology and best practices.”

Even though he understands the power of technology and what it can do, Pastor Otabil said Africans must make good use of the “oldest technology of all time- the human brain- "to break boundaries.

He said Africans must begin to challenge, inspire and create opportunities by expanding their thinking and daring to do the impossible.

He does not understand why four American companies- Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft will together build a wealth of over $ 2.6 trillion bigger than the entire economy of the African continent.

Pastor Otabil said it is time for consistent progress by Africans and a change in mentality.

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Citing the story of the biblical lepers in the city of Samaria, the head pastor of the ICGC said Africans must break out of their confines and dare to achieve something extraordinary.

The lepers knew when they stay in Samaria, they will die; when they go to Syria they will die but they said to themselves they would rather go to Syria and die than to stay in Samaria.

When they broke out of their confines they found progress and became wealthy, Dr Otabil said. That should be the story of the African.

According to him, China is a good example of the present day story of the lepers in Samaria.

Bound by years of totalitarian state control, Dr Otabil said China has been able to break out from their confines and has become a tiger devouring the world and achieving the impossible.

He said it is possible for Africa to also break away from the self-imposed siege- mentally it is in.

While it is “great to be part of an economy created by others,” the motivational speaker said Africa “must transition and make our own stories.”

“The future of our growth will be in the hands of private people and not the government.

“We must use policy and regulation to build people,” he stated adding, “there have to be people who will step out and do the bold things.”

For Ghana and Africa to get there he said there has to be consistent economic growth of over 20% for the next 20 years something he believes is possible to do.

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