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Sophia Akuffo Urges Youth to Develop Zeal to Serve Ghana

Sophia Akuffo Urges Youth to Develop Zeal to Serve Ghana

The Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo is urging the young people to develop the zeal to serve the nation early in their lives.

She asked them to nurture virtues needed to become serviceable citizens, whiles shunning disrespect, dishonesty, and cowardliness, which were the root causes of corruption.

Justice Akuffo was addressing a special mentoring programme for students from selected schools across the Volta region in Ho, on the theme, "I Pledge Myself to the Service of Ghana".

She said education was the main component of preparations towards service to Ghana, and encouraged students to consider school time an invaluable experience.

'Every day is a ground on which you are building, and you must work hard with sincerity and due diligence. You must begin to assume responsibility and be known for good quality values at school', Mrs Akuffo said.

She said students must not allow their commitments to education to be overshadowed by challenges, including unhealthy relationships and drug abuse, and called for responsible use of the bourgeoning social media.

The Chief Justice further charged students to read, and become abreast with the Constitution of Ghana.

Mrs Akuffo said the bulk of the work of mentoring and guidance was on teachers, saying, 'the future of the nation lies in the hands of teachers. The product of your hours of toil is the upbringing of these, young ones who will shape the nation."

The mentoring programme formed part of the CJ's familiarisation tour of the region.

She is expected to interact with lawyers and judges on their service to the nation.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister, said citizens must at all times voluntarily dedicate themselves to the service of Ghana.

He said the monetisation of service was wrong and implored all not to condone wrongdoing or engage in it.

The Regional Minister expressed gratitude to the Chief Justice for the visit and expressed the hope that it would impact greatly on the work of the Judicial Service.

He said the Regional Coordinating Council would support the Courts to deliver best services.

Mr Kenneth Kponor, Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education, encouraged students to join civic education clubs in school, to develop the spirit of patriotism.


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