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Community Members Urged to Meddle in Local Governance

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sekyere East, Madam Mary Boatemaa Marfo is calling on community members to show keen interest in the affairs of the decentralized government departments and agencies in their districts.

She asks them to actively participate in the local governance system.

"They should ask questions and demand accountability from local government agencies mandated to implement, monitor, evaluate and sustain various government projects and programmes in their communities," Madam Mary stated.

Adressing a forum on social accountability mechanisms and strategies for cocoa growing communities in the district, Madam Marfo, also urged them to engage their unit and school management committees as well as assembly members on issues pertaining to their welfare and development.

The forum was organized by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) to create a platform for members of its Governance Issues Forum Network (GIFNeT) to engage district officials and heads of decentralized government agencies on their plans, budgets and projects for the year and seek clarifications on their levels of implementation.

It brought together, chiefs and elders, religious leaders, staff of the district assembly, security officials, women and youth groups as well as civil society organizations to deliberate on how to promote accountability for the development of cocoa growing communities.

Madam Marfo commended IDEG for creating and building the capacities of rural people to demand transparency and accountability in local governance while encouraging them to actively participate to improve on their living conditions.

Ms Nadege Akua Osei Djonoo, Project Officer of IDEG, said the forum was an accountability action organized to build the capacities of GIFNeT and community members to interact with duty bearers and demand answers to some of the issues confronting them.

She said the accountability forum is a necessary tool which enhances local democratic governance, prevents and resolves conflicts, promote accountability and transparency and also aids in building mutual trust for active participation of the ordinary citizenry in governance and decision making.

Ms Djonoo urged community members to maintain positive cooperation and engagement with their duty bearers in order to facilitate development, accountability, transparency and good stewardship.


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