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His Excellency the former president John Dramani Mahama built a vision of a unified Ghana, the kind of investments he made was strategic, copernican and favorable for the country’s economic takeoff and people may disagree with that, but I think that is what Ghana needs at this point in time.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama as President between 2012 and 2016 offered the Ghanaians a new Ghana, let's come to talk of the infrastructural view, employment, the youth empowerment, just to mention a few. We the innocent citizens need to give him a second opportunity to accomplish his dream and to fully, transform the country.

The former president is able, capable and innovative enough to look at Ghana and give it a fresh look, and I, Anass Hamzat Assadullah, am optimistic that with his leadership, Ghana will be that Ghana which he promised.

Your excellency, your projects are commissioned almost everyday across the length and breadth of the nation by the NPP. From hospitals to clinics, schools to universities,roads to airports as well as railways.

When asked, they shamefully reply that "they are commissioning Ghana projects" and not JM projects. What a shame! Posterity is still judging them.

The jobs,the factories, the dams,the one million dollars per constituency, the roads, the schools, the hospitals etc that the NPP promised are yet to see the light of day. What we have rather seen are Menzgold frustrations here and there , collapse banks leading to former bankers grilling pork and others with their families living in agony, increase in fuel prices every now and then, increase in prices of foodstuffs, corruption etc.

Your Excellency, we have heard the good news,the news every patriotic, Citizen ,every developmentally oriented Ghanaian today is waiting to hear. Your vision, mission and purpose is incomplete and therefore, you have to come and rescue this nation from these tribal bigotries,nepotist and egocentrics.

God willing few weeks from today, H.E JDM would be our candidate and we would be lacing our boot to rid off this super incompetent, disgraceful, failure and liability family, friends, girlfriends, ex- wives,in- law and Akyem Family and friends government. There is this adage "If you wish to move mountains tomorrow start by lifting stones today".

The national,regional constituency and branch executives, of our dear party NDC, I salute you all.In no time our party will embark on an election(26-01-19) to elect our presidential candidate but I am by this medium creating awareness of all of us that food your enemy tells you not to eat for it contains poison and will cause your death when eaten is the best food.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NPP is making a lot of mischief that, HIS EXCELLENCY JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA is hated by many Ghanaians and for that when he is elected flagbarer, he will loss big time, let's assume without admitting that if this cheap propaganda is true, what then is their worry ?

let's rally behind the man who most Ghanaians are crying for, the man who has already set a legacy that we can point out to, the man vast experience , the man who is ready to uplift the flag high to lead us to unprecedented victory 2020.

In fact, posterity is on course judging, and the verdict will be in favor of JM and NDC so let all get JM endorsed, so that God willing victory shall be ours come 2020. YE SANKOFA JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA.

Thank you all.
... Signed...
Anass Hamza Assadullah
Youth activist
Nalerigu /Gambaga constituency

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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