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How Science Reveals The Existence Of God

Bringing in sin to the world after the first man and woman sinned

Bringing in sin to the world after the first man and woman sinned

The scientist Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics and the developer of string theory. His work is being studied all over the world. Now he said that he had found evidence of the existence of God.

The Bible says that "God works in mysterious ways." You should, therefore, understand why many think God doesn't exist when one thinks about the complex nature of the creation of the world.

Another leading scientist in the field of nuclear physics Gerald Schroeder claims that science has demonstrated the existence of God as described in the book of Genesis.

Many people may be surprised at the attitude of some scientists on the subject of the existence of God.

According to Gerald Schroder, the science of these scientists is scientifically based revealing the existence of God.

In a 5-minute video, he explained how science supports the view that the Earth was created by God. The inquisitr.com portal said.

For the first time, science has proved that the universe was created out of nothing but a force.

From a scientific point of view, this force is perceived as the power of nature. However, according to Schroder, God is actually this power.

Gerald Schroeder is an Orthodox Jewish physicist. He has been active in research and teaching for more than 30 years.

His work and his name are known in the world. He holds two Ph.D. degrees in Earth Sciences and Physics.

He worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is considered one of the world's top universities, and works with dozens of Nobel laureates.

After emigrating to Israel in 1971, he worked as a scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Volcano Research Institute and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Currently, he teaches at Aisha HaTorah of Jewish Studies.

Atheists have no good reason to believe there is no God. We are in a world many people worship the devil.

But the question is how can someone believe in the devil to the extent of worshipping it but not God?

After all, the Bible reveals how the war started in heaven and

Satan was hurled down on earth.
Given the scientific evidence, we have of the universe and its origins, for centuries supported by philosophers' arguments.

It is very likely that the universe had its absolute beginnings.

Since, like everything else, the universe could not have been so suddenly revealed without cause, there must be transcendental reality beyond the time and space that created the universe.

This entity must be extremely powerful. Only the transcendental spiritual being adequately fulfills this definition.

Current physics has confirmed that the universe is set for the existence of intelligent interactive life.

In other words, in order for such intelligence and interactive life to exist, basic natural constants and quantities must have values in extremely narrow ranges, only that allows the existence of life.

There are three competing explanations of this remarkable setting: physical necessity, coincidence, and intent.

Explanation of physical necessity is very unlikely given the independence of the fundamental constants and quantum found in natural laws.

The hypothesis of coincidence only takes desperate attempts to rescue. The best explanation is, therefore, the intention - the design.

Atheists recognize that some facts, such as the Holocaust, is evil but if atheism is true, on what basis is the objectivity of the moral values that we are proclaiming? Evolution? Social adaptation?

These factors in us at best create subjective feeling that there are objective moral values and duties, but they do not provide the basis for them.

If evolution evolved in a different way, a completely different set of moral feelings would develop.

On the contrary, God himself represents the paradigm of good, and His commandments are the sum of our moral duties and offer a better explanation of objective moral values and duties.

Historians have reached a certain consensus that the historical Jesus thought that through him the Kingdom of God entered into human history. To prove this, he served ministry and exorcism.

Moreover, most historians agree that after the crucifixion of Jesus, the group of disciples found its tomb empty, that various individuals and groups of people saw the revelation of Jesus after his death, and that his original disciples had suddenly deeply believed in Jesus' resurrection.

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Illustration of Jesus and Jairus daughter
There is no explanation of these facts which could change the mind of believers about Jesus' resurrection. Everything about Jesus is genuine. God raised Jesus from the dead.

Sometimes some scientists and atheists argued that the scientific method is a scientific fact, in fact, we need to have rather a strong faith and believe in God’s existence.

If science can't prove there is God, then we need to remember his mysterious ways, let alone that scientists have begun acknowledging the existence of God.

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