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Househelps are people too !

Househelps are people too !

There should be a house help human right law in Ghana, because the way some people treat their househelps and other people of service in their home is disgusting. Unfortunately in our country having money and a title, people deem noble gets respect. Even if your character as a human being is pitiful. What is truly great about a person is not what they own, but the beauty of their character. That's were a lot of people get it wrong. Therefore they have an impoverished character and lots of riches.

Some feel their prosperity allows them to treat others, without the same wealth or social class as beneath them. Many even view those of a lower social class as less than them. I am a hater of the word bush, when it's used to define a bush girl or a bush boy. It suggests the bush person is less than civilised and of a lower pedigree than those, of a certain class. The middle and upper class. It's an insult in our eyes to lack the resources and behaviour of those of high status.

That's why we turn a blind eye to househelps getting beaten and insulted on a daily basis. Not being paid fairly or treated like dogs by their bosses. Drivers being paid next to nothing, though they drive their bosses all over Ghana. Some don't even feed the people who offer them services. They watch by as the people who help them run their households, families are suffering in poverty and they know they can help.

The reason they can do this while their children, spouses and other families enjoy a lavish lifestyle and human treatment in their homes. Is because in their eyes the househelp is not a human but a servant, one which must be punished and severely insulted, if they don't obey their masters wishes for perfection.

In Ghana we don't respect people without money, a title, an education and who don't speak proper English. Nana Aba Amoah the chief mocker of those who aren't afforded the opportunity to go to school or further their education, and her supporters, who help her laugh at those whose English is broken. Show the kind of negative and shameful attitude we have towards the less fortunate in this country.

That's why the househelps and people in service poor treatment is not giving a second thought. It's time for us to start seeing them as human beings. Because they definitely are ! Think about it if you were born in their predicament, and being a help was the only way to provide for your family.Would you like it, if the people you were working for treated you badly ?

Nevertheless I guess the less fortunate in our country are use to it. In Ghana we are very hospitable to the rich, the foreigner and the one with a title. Yet we are not hospitable to the ones who need it the most. Kudos to those who treat their househelps and people in service well. God will bless you. Whatever you do for his little ones, you do for him.

Part 2 is coming soon.
By Tuntum Nahana Akosua

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