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France’s far-right National Rally launches European election campaign

The National Rally (RN) party of Marine Le Pen has launched its campaign for the European elections.

The far right finalist in the 2017 French presidential election unveiled some of the candidates that will stand in the elections in May. The group will be led by Jordan Bardella (23), a long-time supporter and loyal activist of Marine Le Pen.

The party is well on the way to securing some significant victories with 24 percent of the stated voting intentions in recent polls .

It also continues to embody the opposition to Emmanuel Macron who is struggling with the Yellow Vests protest as well as opposition to other social policies of his presidency.

In addition, voters across the continent are increasingly distrustful of traditional power parties. Brexit is also creating upheaval in Europe while France struggles to find a coherent solution to migration.

"In the context of the healthy revolt of the Yellow Vests, the European elections will be the opportunity to untie the political crisis born of blindness, intransigence, class contempt, tax [inequalities],” Marine le Pen told a meeting of 2000 activists on Sunday afternoon.

"We have four months campaigning, to turn this popular revolt into a common sense revolution," said Bardella in a speech where he also denounced immigration, one of the favorite themes of the National Rally.

Outside France, Emmanuel Macron is often presented as the champion of political liberalism against the populist and populist politicians like Viktor Orban in Hungary or Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini who animate the ruling coalition in Italy.

"Today, Macron is totally isolated on the European scene, Europe is evolving at great speed," Bardella said in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper, while M Macron cannot really rely on its historically, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is expected to leave power by 2021 at the latest.

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