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Desperate woman strips naked in front of bank manager to secure a loan (Video)

The beautiful lady in her mid-20s identified as Yulia Kuzmina reportedly went to a bank in Kazan, the capital city of The Republic of Tatarstan in western Russia to apply for a loan she claimed to need urgently for a new car.

A report by odditycentral.com says having wasted all the energy and time to fill all the necessary forms, it was determined upon further analysis that the lady was an unreliable borrower.

After several fruitless pleas for consideration, Kuzmina’s desperation heightened, and she thought it prudent in the circumstance to use her naked body to influence the loan manager’s judgement.

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Desperate woman strips naked in front of bank manager to secure a loan (Video)

Although the bank’s name has not been disclosed yet, a viral video shows the lady seated before the handsome bank manager.

In the video which was widely circulated on a Russian social network, VKontakte, Yulia Kuzmina stands up and desperately takes off her short dress, leaving her in her bra.

She then says something to the loan manager, but he remains steadfast, all he does is to shake his head.

As the saying goes, winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. Kuzmina thinks it wise at this point to up her game by removing the bra, leaving her bare breast in the face of the bank manager.

The devil is a liar! The young manager refuses to be moved by the sight of the succulent bewitching naked body, he only continues shaking his head.

Guess what the bank manager does! Realising that the lady is up to a mission that could be dangerous to his job, he walks over to her, picks up her dress and bra and hands them to her.

As if that was not embarrassing enough, he walks her out of his office without granting her the loan.

After the shameful video became public, Daily Mail reported Yulia Kuzmina as having confirmed the incident, saying: “I am in a difficult situation. Those who judge me do not know what they would do in my shoes”.

Shockingly, inasmuch as some people have been condemning Kuzmina, others have referred to the bank manager as “boring” and “gay”, suggesting that he should have given in to the obvious trap, forgetting that he was in a bank where there are CCTV cameras all-over.

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