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Lecturers are broke – Kissi Agyabeng

General News of Friday, 15 February 2019

Source: Ghanacrusader.com

Kissi AgyabengLaw Lecturer, University of Ghana - William Kissi Agyabeng

In a characteristically blunt claim, law lecturer William Kissi Agyabeng, whose rising endearment within the Ghanaian media space has made him a center of call on several controversial legal dialogues has been emphatic about the economic conditions lecturers in public tertiary institutions face.

In a plain-faced interview on Starr FM in Accra, he detailed how law lecturers who toil in public institutions to shape up minds for the future are usually left disadvantaged because of the low financial returns of their labors.

He lamented, “It doesn’t pay, the pay is that bad. You might end up being a pauper’’. Sharing the pains of law lecturers, he poured out the possibilities of retiring without much to show if a law lecturer does not find another thing to do aside tutoring in the halls.

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