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Almost All Ghanaians are Beggars

Almost All Ghanaians are Beggars

One of the socio-economic problems effecting human development in Ghana is the uncontrollable act of begging. It looks as if begging is the best way to get what you want within a twinkle of an eye. Begging has engulfed us in all aspects of our society. From the high ranking officials to the common person on the street, everyone is a beggar. The truth though is that, begging gives you just a little of what you can actually achieve for yourself.

Many successive governments have beg from the donor countries for economic aid but the impact of such aid on national development is very minimal. The sooner we change our mindset the better we grow our nation and empower its citizens.

The advanced countries did not wake up one day to see ‘heaven’ on earth. They made it happen through hard work and everyone becoming a responsible citizen. They enforce their national laws and punish offenders, from the top to the bottom.

Begging has both psychological and sociological effects. When you beg, you lose confidence in yourself, you sell off yourself cheaply, you devalue your potential and you become lazy. Beggars compromise their respect. For the poor person and the people with disabilities, for the fact that you beg, you will live with anxiety. This kills your inner spirit and you feel worthless.

Some people also beg, not because they are poor, but due to greed and selfish gains.

For further reading visit https://waset.org/publications/10008342/street-begging-and-its-psychosocial-social-effects-in-ibadan-metropolis-oyo-state-nigeria

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