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Man Discovered Dead with A Rice Sack in Hand


Suley Nyonator, a 42 year old man, has been found dead with a rice sack in his hand.

Madam Janet Otubeah, a food vendor in Koforidua found the body of the deceased lying beside a motor tricycle at the Galloway traffic light and reported the situation to the police.

The Deputy Eastern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Sergeant Francis Gomado, said the body was identified as Suley Nyonator.

He said inspection conducted on the body revealed marks of assault on the left elbow and blood oozing from the right ear.

Sergeant Gomado again said there were marks on the neck and legs of the body, suspected to have been tied up by the perpetrator of the crime.

The Deputy Eastern Regional Police PRO said photographs were taken of the body and it was conveyed to the Eastern Regional Hospital morgue for autopsy and preservation.

Sergeant Gomado said one suspect has been arrested and in police custody to assist in investigation.

He said a rope, pieces of pvc pipes, sticks and a sack have been retained to serve as evidence.


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