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Crowd abandon mob justice, ask thief to desilt gutters at Nkrumah Circle

General News of Sunday, 8 September 2019

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kofi Yesu  Punishment  play videoKofi Yesu aka Guy Guy showing remorse after he was caught

Civilisation was its best at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle after a young man was caught stealing red handed from a shop at the city’s busiest centre.

Rather than using the usual method of either beating to pulp or killing the suspect, the crowd decided on a different alternative to teach the man who only gave his name as Kofi Yesu a lesson.

According to eye witnesses’ report, Kofi Yesu also known as Guy Guy sneaked into a shop near the Odo Rice area while the shop’s owner was outside taking part in a regular cleaning exercise that is organized on the day set aside for such purposes – Sanitation Day.

Kofi Yesu succeeded in carrying a bag containing GH¢700.00 and an Iphone X cell phone and hid it beneath his attire as he lurked in wait for an opportunity to bolt.

Luck, however, run out for Kofi Yesu when the shop owner suspected his movement and confronted him.

In a bid to intimidate the shop owner, Yesu decided to speak Hausa with a stern face.

To his surprise, the shop owner replied in the same language aggressively. The two exchanged words for a while, drawing the attention of people around.

After much interrogations from the crowd that had by the time doubled in number, Guy Guy confessed to stealing the shop owner’s bag which he brought out from where he hid it.

As a normal thief would have said his last prayers because of mob justice, he was surprisingly asked by residents to distil the gutters which he did with his bare hands without squirms.

The suspect told traders that he resided at Konkomba Market in Accra; therefore, when he was done with his punishment, the traders got him a motorbike with GH¢10.00 and bade him farewell with the advice that he sins no more.

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