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Bentley Driver Killed in Sandton - Nothing Stolen [VIDEO]

Bentley Driver Killed in Sandton - Nothing Stolen [VIDEO]

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said the man was found slumped over the steering wheel of his Bentley.

“Paramedics assessed the man and found that he had sustained numerous gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life. Unfortunately‚ nothing could be done for the man and he was declared dead on the scene‚” Meiring said.

Meiring said apparently an unknown number of gunmen had opened fire on the driver and vehicle‚ causing him to crash into the pavement.

Paramedics on the scene said it seemed nothing had been stolen.

Nothing stolen, and the car was said to be ‘riddled’ with bullet holes. Hectic.


This video via EWN:

And their update from last night:

The police’s Ali Kodisang said: “Apparently there’s been an attempted hijacking in the Sandton area where a driver was shot at by unknown suspects and the car collided with an unknown object. Investigative officers are at the scene.”

A man says he was working at the petrol station nearby when he heard the gunshots.

“I heard the shots but I didn’t think it was gunshots. When I checked, I heard cars hooting, then we saw a car passing back and someone said a person has been shot.”

He says he knew the victim well.

“We know the guy… he was our regular customer.”

Another jarring reminder of how little value is placed on human life by criminals in this country.

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