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VIDEO: DKB Reacts to Fake “Plastic Cindy Rice” Video Online

VIDEO: DKB Reacts to Fake “Plastic Cindy Rice” Video Online Comedian DKB

In a market where your product is facing very stiff competition, the credibility and reputation of your brand is what would help you be successful, but in the early hours of Thursday, a video broke out on social media damaging the reputation of Cindy Rice.

In the video, a guy’s hands are seen with a bowl of Cindy rice he claims he cooked and had some leftover, but woke up the following morning to find out the rice has turned into plastic (without showing face or attempting to make a report to police).


Ghana’s King of Comedy, DKB who didn’t take the video lightly, came out with counter video debunking claims that the rice is plastic and said the earlier video was shot just to destroy the reputation of Cindy Rice. In DKB’s video, he also takes a bowl of leftover Cindy Rice and shows to the general public the rice hasn’t turned to plastic and  proves it by eating it.

He later advised those who made the video to use their resources in marketing their product instead of using crude means to damage the reputation Cindy Rice has worked so hard to achieve. After DKB’s video broke out I reached out to him to get a few words from him concerning his reaction.

He said “Cindy Rice is my favorite rice and whoever said the rice is plastic is lying. He should show his face and stop this trade sabotage. If his brand is not selling, he should get quality rice to sell and stop his propaganda. Cindy Rice is registered by Food and Drugs authority.” he said.

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