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Yvonne Nelson: "I Really Want To Have A Baby"

Yvonne Nelson: "I Really Want To Have A Baby" Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has for the first time reacted to speculations that she has taken seed and expecting her first child.

The “Heels and Sneakers” actress speaking on the “Total Showbiz” segment on Okay FM’s “Ekwasodwoodwoo” drive time show, refused to confirm or deny the reports.

All efforts to get her to confirm or deny the speculations proved futile. Yvonne however, insisted that pregnancy is good thing and it’s a blessing so she receives it wholeheartedly.

“It is a blessing! so if people want me to be pregnant, I receive it in the name of Jesus. I receive it I want it to happen. If it happens today, I receive it. I am waiting for it because I really want to have a baby. It is a blessing so people should continue saying that on my life, if it comes I receive it. It is something that I want to happen so am waiting for it happen”.

Asked if she is currently dating, the s-xy screen diva answered in the affirmative but refused to give details of the man she is dating now.

“Yes there is a man in my life right now. I am very serious now so I am in serious relationship. That’s all I can say”.

Weeks ago, news went viral that the actress is expecting a baby. Before Yvonne’s interview on Okay FM, Belinda Dzattah who is one of Yvonne’s close friends told Joy News that her friend Yvonne is not pregnant.

However, some close friends of Yvonne who have spoken to Peacefmonline.com on condition of anonymity, insists Yvonne is pregnant but she is just being economical with the truth and trying so hard to keep her pregnant away from the public.



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