Actress Joke Jigan Somersaults After Boyfriend Proposed

Actress Joke Jigan Somersaults After Boyfriend Proposed Joke Jigan

Nollywood actress Joke Jigan known more as Jokelet got engaged to the love of her life on Sunday December 24th few hours to the Christmas morning and her reaction to the engagement has left us laughing.

The actress who has had an on and off relationship with her lover for a while now was on a dinner date with him only to end up answering the famous ‘Marry Me’ question 

Joke’s reaction bordered between shock and unbelief as she literally rolled off and seat and somersaulted several times on the floor with her beau trying to put her together lest the engagement turns to an embarrassment as her modesty almost got compromised.

We are still trying to decipher what could have brought about the reaction, probably she wasn’t expecting her boyfriend to come through with marrying her after all!

Congratulations to Jokelet as she proceeds on this journey of matrimony!



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Calvinfax 15/05/2018 00:48:11
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ThomasSox 19/07/2018 19:58:50
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