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Shocker! British Hot Model Removes Breast Implants, Quit S*x and Commits to Lifetime of Celibacy (Photos)

Shocker! British Hot Model Removes Breast Implants, Quit S*x and Commits to Lifetime of Celibacy (Photos) Sofia Hayat

Popular British-Indian s*xy model, Sofia Hayat has had her breast implants removed, quit s*x and decided to become a celibate nun till the end of times. 

41-year-old British hot model and actress, Sofia Hayat, has had her breast implants removed, discard her designer gowns and make-up as she ditches her celebrity lifestyle to be a nun who now meditates for 5 hours a day after committing to a life of celibacy.
According to a report on Dailymail, the superstar actress says the new way of living is her 'true calling' after a previously luxurious life of celebrity filled parties, red carpet film premieres and dates with a string of handsome high profile men.
‘My previous life was wonderful but I love this one more. When I look at photos of the old me I still smile. I feel I was meant to go through that life so that I can witness the real world.
She now calls herself Gaia Mother Sofia as she believes she is a reincarnated Egyptian goddess
‘But now my life is like a second coming. My reason for existing now is to take away all the negativity and to reveal the truth of our our existence,’ she said.
Her career went from strength to strength, often earning £20,000 a photoshoot as a model. And in 2012 she was chosen as one of the Big Boss celebrity housemates, India’s popular version of Celebrity Big Brother.
‘I lived a life of crazy parties and extreme wealth where people constantly took drugs but all the while there was a sense of emptiness. I very much got caught up in that and took cocaine myself at parties. It was an easy life to live but it was very wrong.
Sofia when was a glamour model
‘I dated cricketer Rohit Sharma. I also dated other men from Bollywood and London and I thought it was real love, but it was just an existence; it was not a life. 
'They often partied all weekend and sometimes got home at 11am on a Sunday; I had no idea where they’d been. 
'One used prostitutes and once took me along thinking it was s-xy but it made me feel sick and I realised this wasn’t the life I wanted. Deep down it was empty.’
She also plans to have a temple built in her UK garden to help her 'heal' other people in the way that she was
Sofia began to look into spiritual practices and Reiki, which is said to channel healing energies through the power of touch. She said: ‘I didn’t really know what to make of it all but I felt this natural pull to want to know more.’
Sofia had a boyfriend that summer but she said all physical desires died. ‘I suddenly felt like all my s-xual desires had died inside of me. I did not have an urge to do anything. I was very sure when I ended that relationship.’
The actress spends a lot of her time in India where she helps at an orphanage

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