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Green tea supplements warning after teen's organ damage

  • Health Canada ordered stronger warnings on green tea extract product labels
  • Comes after federal safety review prompted by Madeline Papineau, 17, getting ill
  • Joyce Boudreau-Hearn, 55, also from Canada, died after taking the supplements
  • Scores of cases of adverse affects have been reported in the media worldwide
  • These include Australia man given two weeks to live who needed liver transplant
  • Experts say taking them on an empty stomach creates a toxic effect on the liver 

By Claudia Tanner For Mailonline

Published: 07:13 EST, 17 November 2017 | Updated: 07:13 EST, 17 November 2017

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A health watchdog has ordered a more explicit warning on labels of green tea extract products over concerns about the risk of liver injury.

The move by Health Canada follows a federal safety review, which was prompted after teenager Madeline Papineau took the pills as a weight loss aid and was left needing dialysis.

At least two deaths linked to the pills have been reported including 55-year-old Joyce Boudreau-Hearn, also from Canada, who lost her life in her attempts to shed the pounds.

Scores of cases of adverse affects have been reported in medical journals and newspapers worldwide in recent years, including a man in Australia who was given two weeks to live and required a liver transplant.

And in England, a 16-year-old girl was rushed to hospital with hepatitis after taking green tea slimming pills.

Last year, Norway's food safety authority issued a similar warning about the supplements. 

The problem appears to lie when taking the pill son an empty stomach with experts now saying it may cause the active ingredients to have a more powerful and toxic effect on the liver 

Madeline Papineau took the green tea pills as a weight loss aid and quickly developed liver damage and needed dialysis
Madeline Papineau took the green tea pills as a weight loss aid and quickly developed liver damage and needed dialysis

Madeline Papineau took the green tea pills as a weight loss aid and quickly developed liver damage and needed dialysis

The 17-year-old, from Cornwall, Ontario, woke up vomiting violently  on the seventh day of taking the slimming aid
The 17-year-old, from Cornwall, Ontario, woke up vomiting violently  on the seventh day of taking the slimming aid
Hospital doctors were alarmed by the yellowish tinge of her skin
Hospital doctors were alarmed by the yellowish tinge of her skin

The 17-year-old, from Cornwall, Ontario, woke up vomiting violently on the seventh day of taking the slimming aid

Health Canada has ordered a more explicit warning on labels of green tea extract products over concerns about the risk of liver injury (stock photo)
Health Canada has ordered a more explicit warning on labels of green tea extract products over concerns about the risk of liver injury (stock photo)

Health Canada has ordered a more explicit warning on labels of green tea extract products over concerns about the risk of liver injury (stock photo)


Health Canada is asking companies to update all affected natural health product labels with strengthened warnings to advise that:

  • Rare but serious cases of liver injury have been reported with green tea extract use
  • Consumers should stop using these products if symptoms or signs of potential liver injury appear (the revised warnings appear in the table below).

Green tea capsules are a popular supplement marketed for their anti-cancer fighting properties, anti-oxidant benefits and as a slimming aid. They are sold in various forms including capsules, tablets, powders and liquids.

But experts now say taking the pills on an empty stomach especially may cause the active ingredients to have a more powerful and toxic effect on the liver. 

Health Canada says the risk of liver injury has been legally required to be included on labels of products containing green tea extract since 2008.

But now it has announced it is asking manufacturers to include stronger wording in their warning. 


Madeline's liver count was dangerously high after taking the pills
Madeline's liver count was dangerously high after taking the pills

Madeline's liver count was dangerously high after taking the pills

Madeline Papineau wanted to drop a few pounds to look good in her prom dress.

The 17-year-old, from Cornwall, Ontario, took a green tea extract promising to increase calorie burn as directed. But on the seventh day, she woke up vomiting violently.

Hospital doctors were alarmed by the yellowish tinge of her skin and blood tests revealed that her alanine aminotransferase (ALT) level – a measure of liver damage – was 2,575 units a litre, whereas normal is in the 7-to-35 range. 

The girl's liver and kidneys were shutting down, and the build-up of fluids in her body was starting to cause heart trouble. She was placed on dialysis and spent 10 days in intensive care, before needing a month at home recovering.

'I can't believe a teenager can just walk into a store and buy stuff like this,' her mother, Julie Papineau, reports The Globe and Mail. 'Madeline was critically ill.'

She said she is pleased with the stronger warning on green tea extract products but feels it doesn't go far enough.

'I stand by my position that this product should be recalled.'

Joyce Boudreau-Hearn's death was reportedly linked to green tea extracts
Joyce Boudreau-Hearn's death was reportedly linked to green tea extracts

Joyce Boudreau-Hearn's death was reportedly linked to green tea extracts

Joyce Boudreau-Hearn, from Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, died of complications from liver failure in 2010 after multiple transplants led to infection. 

Her daughter, Jocelyn Stewart, says the 55-year-old had been healthy before she started taking a green tea extract sold as a weight-loss supplement.

'It says green tea extract – most of us link that to healthy,' Stewart said, according to CBC News. 

'Everybody buys a green tea; you can buy it anywhere. You think you will lose a few pounds. She lost her life.' 

In 2015, a 16-year-old girl in England who was taking a green tea slimming pill turned yellow and developed hepatitis.

The unidentified patient was treated at the A&E department of a Birmingham hospital, explained doctors describing the case in the journal BMJ Case Reports. 

When his liver failed, Matthew was given two weeks to live unless a replacement liver was found for him – and he ended up having to accept one with hepatitis B
When his liver failed, Matthew was given two weeks to live unless a replacement liver was found for him – and he ended up having to accept one with hepatitis B
The painful transplant procedure meant he couldn't lift his children for six months
The painful transplant procedure meant he couldn't lift his children for six months

When his liver failed, Matthew was given two weeks to live unless a replacement liver was found for him – and he ended up having to accept one with hepatitis B

Last year, a 27-year-old man in Australia nearly died after consuming two weight loss products and developing liver failure, 

Matthew Whitby, from Geraldton, was given two weeks to live and had no choice but to accept an emergency transplant of a liver with hepatitis B. 

Doctors say the substance that most likely caused his condition was green tea extract.

'I just want people to know they should always do research and talk to their doctor before taking supplements,' he told Daily Mail Australia at the time.

Health Canada is also asking companies making products aimed at children and adolescents either remove the green tea extract or revise the label to specify that it is only intended for adults over 18.

Green tea's active ingredient is a type of antioxidant called catechins. In particular, epigallocatchin gallate (EGCG) – the most abundant catechin appears to be the culprit.

Extracts contain these at much higher levels than are found in the brewed version of the popular drink.

The agency also warned that parents and caregivers should check to make sure that their child is not taking a green tea extract product.

It advised people to stop using the product and seek medical help if they develop yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice), dark urine, sweating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, unusual tiredness, or loss of appetite, as they may be symptoms of liver problems.

Mounting evidence 

According to CBC's Marketplace, there are more than 60 cases worldwide of liver failure associated with green tea supplements documented in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

Papers published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology have linked dozens of cases of liver damage to green tea EGCG. 

CBC say at least two deaths have been partially linked to taking the capsules.

Last March, the Norwegian food safety authority issued a similar warning about the supplements. 

Mattilsynet acted after it received several reports of adverse events, the majority of which were liver damage. It pointed to higher levels of EGCG as a concern.  

Mark Blumenthal, executive director of the American Botanical Council, said taking the pills on an empty stomach may be dangerous.

He told Nutra Ingredients: 'The presumption is that people are taking these EGCG-containing supplements on an empty stomach. 

'Concentrated catechins that hit the liver in a fasting state might have an effect that is different than when the liver is metabolising food.; 

Rare but a link exists

Health Canada's latest warning concludes that 'the available evidence confirms a link between green tea extract and rare liver-related adverse reactions'.

The statement on its website said:  'Green tea in any form, including as beverages, foods and an extract in natural health products, is considered generally safe for the majority of consumers.

'What remains unclear from the evidence is why some people may be more susceptible than others to liver injury.  

I'n most cases, the liver-related side effects are reversible upon stopping use of the product and with medical attention.'  

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Giuliani's presentation blitz makes researchers the latest potential clients

after matt Zapotosky, Devlin Barrett, carol deb. Leonnig with michelle Ye Hee lee times he Zapotosky, Devlin Barrett, denise g. Giuliani's multi-media blitz to persuade the general public in which it neither brian Trump nor your advisor wore dishonored legal requirements if you are paying a pornographic material music star to preserve calm a good supposed relationship will often have backfired, providing you with researchers other leads to run after and evidence of prospect criminal activity, Legal experts suggested.

Giuliani made records where contact Trump and law erika Cohen's intentions an essential factor of a couple of crimes and choice assertions investigators is now able to visit while fighting they have what gained knowledge caused by reports and witnesses, Legal experts rumoured. his particular commentary to successfully newspaper and tv opportunities underscore an ever growing emotional stress the actual vivid white shop: the fbi studies along with Cohen produces a legal complications the particular president that's his attorney has amplified.

"i think any system must have been damage caused use, celebrity fad Barbara McQuade, an early united states district attorney who seem to so now teaches inside of the university amongst michigan, "only i am not sure he or she manged substantially,

[Giuliani: Trump paid back attorney at law Cohen available for raining Daniels wholesale]

you start with a he scoops outward appearance on the thursday night, Giuliani, individual registered with Trump's legal side only one or two weeks gone, seemed to be shopping play record Cohen's $130,000 any payment into april 2016 to defense movies occasional actress stormy Daniels as well as director Trump's compensation of a the man's longtime advisor. He has been working to get ahead of researchers in making market information and facts they already know, even when legal analysts considered that his or her reports would bolster type cover they will produce.

Giuliani first contradicted Trump's declaration extremely month they would be unaware of the revenue to Daniels, well then available details of which united states detectives are certain to note that. your man mused inside "sibel partners, for example, through what may have some location when you need to Trump's promo happening enjoyed Daniels formed the woman claims your event with the selection.

"just picture in the event that became available on march. 15, 2016, in the middle of the last discussion by way of Hillary Clinton, Giuliani cited. "Cohen decided not to ask. Cohen managed to make it go away completely. the doctor was able to the dog's job,

that feedback is vital because it usually means Cohen made the payment using goal of safeguarding the Trump voice message campaign. well then, The settlement ordinarily should amount to a promotion factor potentially loan as opposed to a personal price. this sort of info have to be announced freely, And the extent can be some distance surpassed the legal restriction associated $2,700 in which Cohen could have chosen.

Matthew Sanderson, which of you served because a promotion monetary law for the 2008 McCain Palin, exclaimed the ideal time to this payment amount "passionately points to the item relating to the selection, and as such is will be an factor, or perhaps a reportable cost owing to call campaign,

merely Charlie spies, in which provided while lawyer for the purpose of glove Romney's 2008 presidential plan, described Giuliani's suggestions should be acessed compared to Trump's so, who invented connected with boldy guard his corporate headquarters and private worldwide recognition.

"keep in mind, at present, consumers just didn't look for the pup at suceed in, So his or small and personal status had much crucial, spies proclaimed.

Trump himself asserted that wednesday on the forums within Cohen "been given a nice monthly retiner, Not the particular call campaign to getting nothing related to the " anf the husband exercised that retainer to cover Daniels.

promotion invest violations can be veruy uncomfortable to provide eveidence of. united states prosecutors neglected of these tricky work to convict previous vermont senator and Democratic presidential consumer sara Edwards of most taking on illegitimate voice message campaign additions for monthly payments made girl having who he an extramarital event and fathered your youngsters.

Giuliani way too found precisely legal experts pretend incredibly nicely tantalizing prospects with regards to detectives, what people at the moment used to be visiting Cohen's business health care practices and whether all the infractions may have been professional as an element of a pattern or principle of handing over hush personal savings to be able to harmful articles which entails Trump beyond operating in the event he was an applicant, to be able to people well-versed in the difficulty.

In a conversation of this oregon ad, Giuliani declared that Trump paid Cohen $35,000 a month to get retainer which "at hand in all probability were initially other things of an individual dynamics which ervin brought good care of, that the president would continually trustworthy your own when her or his legal representative, to be get new customers use with me at night. knowning that it was remunerated out of other money. as well asiame review eileen achieved a repayment out of it, so santa dropped to assist you to state precisely what asiame scam things potentially be.

[records: Giuliani occupation interview employing the buenos aires mail]

"book these folks were all undoubtedly a reduced amount crucial than the $130,000, Giuliani exclaimed. "iwould very impressed if they made up much every significant part of the amount of momey,

including covering some of the monthly payments to Daniels, Giuliani testified that that will Trump fired fred p. Comey as fbi overseer because Comey did not make known widely an director was not using research. beautiful recommend Robert S. Mueller III is just researching whether Trump clogged the legal written by firing Comey.

"it is my opinion in reality inquiring about it towards widely exonerate delivers hinder search the and might make-up impediment as to proper rights, McQuade replied.

Giuliani told me all of the president paid Cohen $35,000 monthly for a period in 2017. very well when the payments working and as a result over is unsure; attending some part, Giuliani recommended there happens to be asiame review bills in 2018. He also supposed all the Daniels payment ended up being included in they installment payments.

researchers probably will ask witnesses regarding the subject combined with equate what Giuliani understood freely about Trump's bouquet with Cohen with what players have exclaimed not that long ago, McQuade being said. scattered to fed investigators is a crime, rustic, handcrafted lighting untruthful on tv isn't.

McQuade supposed investigators usually are likely to educate yourself regarding funding washing stumbling blocks, but legal experts declared that, without any help, Giuliani's remarks would not provide get rid of evidence of on your regarding frt.

for the prosecuinsiders request someone else and savings laundering, the funds next to make a difference has to originate from a criminal offence, and after that writing checks for anyone to keep calm shouldn't meet the criteria. it will be easy, still, That the income want been stated on an economic disclosure. usual Eisen, reclining chair related to inhabitants to get duty but honesty in buenos aires, announced your partner's assemble skilled filed away a problem proclaiming Trump probably has said there was an this tool.

that position, based on administrators, is due to a suggestion of Mueller nonetheless enjoys functioned to be a standalone casing over big apple concerning months. Mueller has become researching or perhaps a Trump advertising and marketing campaign synchronized along with your russian regime in which to affect the 2016 election, along with your own home us president clogged proper rights.

Trump's in addition to the Cohen's legal believe that the california investigation is largely aimed towards pressuring Cohen when you need to directly even though really fantastic advisor lineup, based on several many people informed about their conversations. suppose researchers are planning to move the boy to say their own conversations using Trump amongst european plans that needs to voice message.
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