A. B. Crentsil

Origin Ghana
Genres Highlife
Website ghanabase.com/abcrentsil
A. B. Crentsil is a Ghanaian musician.

With 15-20 years of experience in the music business, Crentsil has won numerous Ghanaian Music Awards including the Fontomfrom Evergreen Award which is a special honor bestowed upon a musician with 15-20 years of continuous music experience.

A.B CrentsilCrentsil's music has always been considered controversial but always makes the highest sales once it hits the market. Crentsil resorts to various themes and antics to convey his message with appropriate proverbs where necessary and that always strikes a listener to appreciate his music.

Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Jnr. Was born to the late Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Snr. and Esi Yaaba at Posten in the 1940s. He was always known as AB junior until his father died in 1984 and then he assumed the AB Crentsil name without the junior. His primary and middle school education was the Takoradi Methodist Primary and Rev Cleveland Middle School Respectively. After his middle school examination his father who was the Works Superintendent of the Technical branch of Ghana Railways at Takoradi. AB worked under his father as an electrical apprentice.

Whiles in the middle school, Crentsil was introduced to the guitar by a Mr. Thedoh. Crentsil became proficient in the playing of the guitar and started singing along when playing the guitar. Crentsil was simultaneously working as an electrician and playing with the Strollers Band owned by one Kwesi Donkor. He has played with the El Dorado's, Sweet Talks and then finally the Ahenfo Band.

Crentsil continues to release new albums and he continues to win all the top accolades that are awarded to top musicians in Ghana. As he always says " When burger highlife came and everybody loved it, we all joined the train because we also wanted to make some money, but one that I realized is that, highlife will always be the original form of music for Ghanaians and we will always come back to it."

Crentsil is married to Elizabeth and they have seven children.

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