Artist : Batman
Genre : Reggae
Other Styles:

Emmanuel Samini Aka Batman who hails from Wa in the upper West Region was born in 1982 to Mr G.A Samini and Theresa Nusala.
He had his basic and primary education at Holy Family Basic School and then continued at St Magaraet Mary Sec school, Dansoman for his secondary education.

BatmanHe has lived in Dansoman since he was 9 years and that was when he realised the singing potential in himself. And now with just 2 years in the Music industry in Ghana he won the admiration of most music critics in Ghana.

With just one album to his credit, the name "Batman" is one of the commonest keyword on the lips of many music fans in Ghana. His songs are sung by almost every Ghanaian regardless of their position in society.

He has featured close to 50 tracks with other musicians (both released and unreleased).

Batman has performed outside Ghana in countries like canada, UK, Holland and Italy. He performed with a live band and he has since being rated one of the best young Ghanaian musician.

He just hosted the finals of the Nescafe African Revelations in Ghana.

He has a whole "signature tune" to himself "KPOOI". Asked what the meaning of ‘Kpooi' is, Batman says its a gunshot sound and that is his signal. It comes with every composition that he does. The gunshot is meant for all the back bitters. “We kill them dead”.

Batman who keeps dread locks says he just wants to portray the African in him." Before the white man brought a comb, there was dread. Africa has gone through a lot of changes and it has become very difficult for us to portray the real African in us.", He says.

Recording his tracks
Batman does most of his tracks at Ashanti International studios i.e. with Nana King and Kwame ‘G'. He also works with Roland of Best Brain Digital studios.

About His first Album.
His first album was really a mega hit. It won him two pretigious awards, that is Hiplife artist of the year and New hiplife artist of the year. Those who have heard Linda and Gyae shee would acknowlege that he really deserved those two awards.

Batman's dream is that by the time he leaves the music scene, he would have his music in the museum and also to see his music earn Ghana some foreign exchange through tourism. "I want to be an icon so far as music is concerned", he says.

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