Dolsi-naa Abubakari Lunna

Dolsi-naa Abubakari Lunna traces his ancestry in drumming back for many generations. His father, Lun-naa Wombei, was one of the leading drummers of his era.

Dolsi-naa Abubakari learned drumming from his father and his father’s brother, Mba Ngolba, as well as Baba Alaasani, Fuseini Namowo, and Issahaku Namowo, who became Namowo-naa, leader of all the drummers of Dagbon.

From the late 1960s until the early 1980s, Dolsi-naa Abubakari was the principal Dagomba drummer with the Ghana National Folkloric Company.

Currently, he lives in northern Ghana where he makes his living as a farmer and drummer. He heads a large extended family, and is training his children in the art and knowledge of drumming.

Dolsi-naa Abubakari has been visiting the United Sates and Canada annually since 1988. He has taught at Tufts University, the Berklee College of Music and with many independent African music and dance ensembles throughout North America.

During spring semester 2001, through funding support by the Diversity Initiative and the Bolwell-Toupin Fund, he was an Artist-in-Residence with the Music Department and the Drama/Dance Department at Tufts University.

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