Artist : Gibril
Genre : Hip-life
Other Styles:

Born and raised in West Africa by a Ghanaian mother and Sierra Leoneian father, Gibril grew up in Nigeria up-until he was 9.
Then moved with his family to Lome Togo which is a part of francophone West Africa... When the country broke into civil war his parents moved him to Ghana where he attended Achimota College and then went on to Adisadel College.

Gibril"I guess this is where my journey into hip-hop really started". Fluent in French, English, Pijjin, Patois, Ga, Yoruba, Twi.

He started rhyming in classrooms and on stage during entertainment nights.

Gibril has been residing in the states since December of 2001.

From the windy city of Illinois (Chicago), to Cincinnati Ohio all the way down to the dirty South (port- Gibson) Mississippi up to the east coast he has been doing his thing promoting his skills and performing.

With an outburst of pure energy, charisma, knowledge, and skills he always brings a strong vibe across sending his message about African awareness, his journey and life experiences with the masses.

Gibril is a multitalented and diverse artist with a multinational fan base from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, France, and the United Kingdom. Gibril is all about promoting and improving the quality of hip-hop and life in Africa.

One day Africa shall unite and I shall be a strong force behind this movement.

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